Where To Find The Hexagonal Emblem (Chapter 2 – Factory Gate) Resident Evil 4 Remake

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During chapter 2 and after exiting the abandoned factory and meeting up with the merchant. Here we can also find our next blue request note (Pest Control). Which tasks us with eliminating rats. This, of course, is optional and does not effect the main storyline.

At this point our main mission objective will then change to ‘Head for the church’. In order to do this however, we first need to unlock the gate here. If we inspect this nearby gate we will discover that it is locked and the gate requires a symbol of some kind in order to unlock it. This symbol is the ‘Hexagonal Emblem’. We must now find this if we wish to proceed and unlock this gate. So where can we find this ‘Hexagonal Emblem?’

In order to find the ‘Hexagonal Emblem’ we need to explore the area to the right of this gate. An area that is known as the Valley. There are a lot of enemy targets here, many of which carry explosives. Eliminate any that get in the way and proceed to the south section of this area.

The Hexagonal Emblem is located on top of a building rooftop, which can be accessed in a variety of different ways. Here the emblem will be pinned to a wooden scaffolding. Inspect it in order to take it.

Now that we have the required ‘Hexagonal Emblem’ we can proceed back to the gate, near the factory. Warning though as there is a chance that more enemies will spawn immediately after taking the emblem.

Anyway once you are back at the gate, proceed and inspect it in order to insert the ‘Hexagonal Emblem’ into it. This will then trigger our next gate puzzle.

This concludes the guide on how to find the hexagonal emblem, which is required to open the gate outside of the abandoned factory, leading to the church.


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