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One of the many collectibles that players can find within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School are the Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories are note type collectibles that mention past events regarding the school. They also come as part of the Occult Club President trophy achievement.

One of these Ghost Stories is the A Woman Locked In The Closet Ghost Story. In order to find this one will need to head into one of the rooms and inspect the table.

The A Woman Locked in the Closet ghost story relates to Woman In The Locker / Woman In The Cabinet


LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 2F (Broadcasting Room)
GUIDE: We won’t really need to do much in order to get this specific document. Unlike many of the other ghost stories that we can collect, this one does not hide behind any form of puzzle.

Simply head to the Broadcasting Room in the Main Building 1 and we will find this document on the table.


Tae-hoon was serving detention again.
He was made to write an essay to apologies for beating someone up that afternoon. The real problem Tae-hoon had was that he was the only one being punished.
He suspected that the boy he fought was from a wealthy family Tae-hoon knew the Faculty Coordinator was corrupt enough to take bribes.

“Unlucky day”, he thought.
His arm felt like it was going to fall from all the writing he did. To top it off he was also hurting from all the fight.

The other student couldn’t beat him fair and square so he had grabbed a broom and swung it a Tae-hoon.
It was at the moment that Tae-hoon had just taken away the broom that the Faculty Coordinator showed up.

Because of that, Tae-hoon ended up getting beaten even more. Thinking about everything that happened made him angry again. he tried to calm himself down and was determined to beat up the boy as soon as he came to school tomorrow.

Suddenly, he heard a clattering sound in the closet behind him.
It sounded like a mouse was trapped inside. Since the building was very old, it wasn’t rare to find a mouse in school. He tried to ignore it and concentrate on writing his essay, but the clattering sound continued.
Already agitated, Tae-hoon violently threw open the closet doors.

What he found was not a mouse.

There were rumors that a ghost’s head had been seen flying out of that closet.

There were also rumors that a male student had been found inside the closet, with their bodies crushed and mangled. The teachers tried to contain it, but the stories spread like wildfire.

According to rumors, this school was used as a concentration camp for political prisoners during the occupation. Many people died here after being tortured, with the dishonor of being labeled traitors.

One of these tortured souls included a woman who was arrested on be half of her husband who dodged conscription during the war. She was tortured viciously to reveal the whereabouts of her husband, but kept her silence.

In the end, they locked her up in a specially designed closet where she could neither lie nor sit.
She died slowly in agony without being able to move. It was after the war ended that her corpse was recovered.
It is said that they had difficulty putting her body in a coffin because her neck and knees were bent stiffly at odd angles.

Students believe that her ghost still wanders around in the walls of the school.

It’s said that if you open a closet at night, she will stick out her twisted neck to claim her next victim.


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