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One of the many collectibles that players can find within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School are the Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories are note type collectibles that mention past events regarding the school. They also come as part of the Occult Club President trophy achievement.

One of these Ghost Stories is the Ghost Tree ghost story. In order to find this one we will need to find a room with a printer

The Ghost Tree ghost story relates to the Bloodthirsty Tree


LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 1F (Student Records Room)
GUIDE: Getting The Ghost Tree ghost story document is another easy one to get. It requires no puzzle solving and it can be easily found.

Simply head to the Student Records Room over in the Main Building 1 and here there will be a printer or scanner.

The document that we need is inside this printer scanner.


Mi-hyeon quickened her steps towards the Classroom. Whatever sunlight there was had now completely disappeared and the school was covered in darkness. Mi-hyeon was annoyed with her friends. They had stopped on their way home to chat with her, even though she was still busy cleaning. They didn’t even offer to help and just left her on her own when they ran out of things to talk about. This made Mi-hyeon uneasy as Y High School was full of scary rumors.

To make matters worse, she saw no students around today. She found the echoing of her own footsteps quite nerve-wrecking.

Her anxiety grew even more when she saw the potted tree in the corner of the hallway.

This plant used to belong to her homeroom teacher last year. It reminded her of him and what happened that year.

Her homeroom teacher, Mr. B, taught Chinese. He was quiet and had a thin build. He gave off a sad vibe. He wasn’t friendly at all. Not even trying to connect with his students or fellow teachers. He did, however, seem interested in maintaining his plants. He took extra care in the plant of his homeroom, Junior Homeroom 2. He cared for his plant so much that he checked on it every class break.

Then one day, a student accidentally dumped Chemical Solvent on Mr. B’s favorite tree. The tree turned black and shriveled up completely.

Afraid of the repercussions, the student replaced the tree and decided to burn the old one.

Even his friends were in on his plan. Together they moved the dead plant to the incinerator and lit it on fire. The dead tree easily caught fire and was soon burning with billowing black smoke. When the flames grew more intense, a scream was heard. It was like the burning tree was screaming out in pain.

That’s when Mr. B came running. Watching his favorite tree burning made him go crazy. Before anyone could reason with him, he dashed into the open flames, to be with his favorite tree in the fire. Both Mr. B and the tree were engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds. No one spoke; everyone was in shock from what they had just observed.

Judging from the matching statements from the students involved, the police decided that it was a case of suicide by delusion.

Mi-hyeon was there that day at the incinerator. That’s why every time she saw a plant Mr. B used to care for it made her shiver. She normally made an effort to not pass through where the plants were. She would have walked around it today too, if she wasn’t in such a hurry.

Mi-hyeon tried hard to calm herself down when she saw a light on in a nearby classroom.

She heard someone moving in there, too.

So scared being left alone in the dark building, she was happy to see that there was someone else in school.

She quickly opened the classroom’s door.

But, what she saw was the back of a man in front of a plant.

Mi-hyeon froze in terror when she realized what she was seeing. This was her homeroom from last year; Junior Homeroom 2.

The man slowly turned around and faced Mi-hyeon. He was holding a dog’s corpse with its belly ripped open and his other hand was covered in blood.

Behind him, Mi-hyeon could see that blood and organs were covering the leaves and stems.

He slowly approached Mi-hyeon and said,

“Oh good, I was running out of food for my tree.”


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