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One of the many collectibles that players can find within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School are the Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories are note type collectibles that mention past events regarding the school. They also come as part of the Occult Club President trophy achievement.

One of these Ghost Stories is the Competitive Spirit ghost story. In order to find this one we will need to search the floor

The Competitive Spirit ghost story relates to The Library Ghost


LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 4F (Biology Lab)
GUIDE: This one is a straight and simple find that does not require much effort. There are no extra required items that we need and there are no puzzles to solve.

Simply head to the 4F Biology Lab and look under the table to find this one on the floor.


Kyoung-hee’s father passed away when she was young so her family struggled with money. Her family expected her to go to a vocational high school and start making money as soon as possible. Kyoung-hee, however, had a different idea.

To her, studying hard and getting into a good college was the only chance they had at escaping poverty. So against her family’s wishes, she decided to attend a regular high school.

In high school, Kyoung-hee stayed true to her goal of studying hard.

Her grades were so excellent that she became one of the top students in the prestigious Y high school. For her, however, it was not enough.

No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t beat the student in first place.

The number one student was a cheerful girl named Sae-yeon. She had always been popular because of her smarts and kind nature. It was said her father was a top government official. Maybe that explained how Sae-yeon could be so confident and positive all the time.

Kyoung-hee had never once seen her study. She only ever saw her laughing with her friends.

In spite of this, Sae-yeon always had better grades than her.

“When does she study?” Kyoung-hee wondered. She decided that Sae-yeon must be getting very expensive private tutoring.

Kyoung-hee chewed on her nails out of anxiety. She felt as if she and her family would be doomed to live in poverty forever if she didn’t figure out a way to beat Sae-yeon and become the top student.

So she threw herself into her studies more than ever before. She hardly slept, and studied so hard that she felt like her eyes could bore a hole through her textbooks. As time passed, dark circles formed under her eyes.

Finally, the exam that she had prepared so much for was over. All her classmates complained that the exam was way too difficult. She sat back in her chair and smiled, believing that she had aced it. “I will finally beat her this time.” Kyoung-hee closed her eyes and could already imagine Sae-yeon’s tearful face.

At last, the day they would receive their report cards came.

The room was filled with varying reactions to the report cards. Some were crying, some were relieved, and some just didn’t care.

Kyoung-hee looked at her report card with confidence.

Then, her faced twisted in shock.

Second place. On the report card it was written that she scored second best, again.

She turned to look at Sae-yeon and saw her smiling brightly with her friends.

She had lost to her again.

Kyoung-hee was so stunned after this that she could not focus during any of her classes.

Only one thing filled her mind, and that was Sae-yeon.

“How the hell could she beat me every time? It must be the expensive private lessons… But I don’t have that kind of luxury. This means I could never beat her. It’s over now. We will just have to live in poverty forever.”

Kyoung-hee, from the trauma of her stress, developed a mental disorder and ended up killing herself.

A rumor spread after her death, that a ghost had begun to appear in the library. It is said that if you remain in the library to study until midnight, a girl will glare at you with her chin resting on her hands before suddenly disappearing.


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