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One of the many collectibles that players can find within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School are the Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories are note type collectibles that mention past events regarding the school. They also come as part of the Occult Club President trophy achievement.

One of these Ghost Stories is the Lost Face ghost story. In order to find this one we will need to combine small keys and play with pendulums

The Lost Face ghost story relates to the The Girl With A Hidden Face


LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 1F (Workshop)
GUIDE: Head to the 1F Workshop in order to find the machine that can combine keys for us. Here we will need to combine both the Yellow and Red keys in order to make the Combined Key (Red+Yellow)

YELLOW KEY – This can be found inside the drawer over in the Reading Room, New Building
RED KEY – This one is inside the mail box located in the Main Office, Main Building 1. The code to open it is 4125
BLUE KEY – This one is located on the Rooftop Swimming Pool
DARK KEY – The Dark Key can be found inside the mail box in the Main Building 1, opposite classroom 2-4. You will need to combine both the Red and Blue keys in order to unlock this mail box


LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 1F (Classroom 2-3)
GUIDE: Head towards classroom 2-3 and there will be a mail box on the wall just outside of the classroom. Use our newly combined key to open it and we will get the Morse Code Chart


LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 3F (Music Supplies Room)
GUIDE: Head to the 3F Music Supplies Room and we will find the pendulum on the bookshelf. This is where the Morse Code Chart comes in.

The pendulum will swing from side to side, as normal. However, every time it moves quickly that represents a dot, whilst if it moves slowly then it is classed as a dash. This may seem rather confusing but if you manage to solve it then we will have the code that is required in order to get the document we need.

If you are having issues then do not worry I will supply the code that we need in this next section.


LOCATION: New Building – 1F (Music Appreciation Room)
GUIDE: Head to the 1F Music Appreciation Room in order to find a locked mail box. This mail box will require the code that we got from solving the pendulum puzzle. The code is 2568

Inside the mail box will be our document.


Eun-ah was a popular girl. Not only was she pretty, but she was musically talented as well; winning many awards since she was young. Everyone loved her. As often happens in these cases, everyone wanted to be friends with her and she became egotistical.

In contrast, Mi-sook was hardly known by anyone in school. She thought she was ugly. That caused her to have self confidence issues, making her timid and introverted. Due to this, she had no friends to speak of; even her classmates hardly acknoweleged her existance.

One day, Eun-ah was walking in the hallway while nosily chatting with her friends. Mi-sook, focused on cleaning, didn’t realize anyone was there until Eun-ah ran into her. Mi-sook stumbled and dropped the mop bucket she was carrying, spilling dirty water all over the hallway.

Eun-ah never said sorry. She barely spared a glance at Mi-sook and then walked away without saying anything. Angered, Mi-sook went after her and demanded an apology. Instead, she was mocked. “What are you blubering about? You’re ugly and dirty as that mop-water, haha!”

The other kids snickered in agreement with Eun-ah’s cruel remark. Mi-sook’s face turned red with embarassment and anger. From that day on, she was an easy target for bullying. Every time she walked by, everyone would mock her without caring if she could hear. As time passed on, her resentment towards Eun-ah grew to hatred. She decided she would get revenge on Eun-ah for what she had started.

“How pretty does she think she is? Does she think that beauty lasts forever? We’ll see about that….”

One day, Eun-ah was chatting away with her friends in the music appreciation room. Mi-sook quietly approached them and, as usual, the kids began mocking her. No one paid any attention to the bottle she held in her hand. Mi-sook took the cap off the sulfuric acid she brought and threw it at Eun-ah’s face.

Eun-ah’s screams of pain filled up the room and echoed through the halls. The kids around her scrambled away in horror. Not one soul stayed behind to help her. Eun-ah pleaded for help as she screamed in agony, but Mi-sook just smiled cruelly and watched her beg.

Eun-ah’s pretty face was eatan away by the acid. She was fortunate to have survived the attack but it left her with a hideous scar covering half her face. There was no trace of her former beauty to be found. After the incident she would not go to school, refusing to even come out of her house, She broke all of the mirrors inside, and her disfigured eyes being sensitive to light caused her to keep the house eternally dark. Her depression became so deep that one day it drove her to leap from the roof of the house. They said it was hard to identify her body because she struck the ground face first, completley detroying what had remained.

Since her death, there are rumours of sightings of Eun-ah’s ghost in the Music Appreciation Room.

It is said her ghost always has her back turned, and that you’ll die if you ever see her face.


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