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One of the many collectibles that players can find within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School are the Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories are note type collectibles that mention past events regarding the school. They also come as part of the Occult Club President trophy achievement.

One of these Ghost Stories is the Extreme Dieting Death ghost story. In order to find this one we will need to collect paper cranes. There is a total of 5 paper cranes that we will need to find and collect altogether.

The Extreme Dieting Death relates to the The Starved Ghost


LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 1F
GUIDE: Just before entering the hallway that leads to the Home Economics Classroom and the Workshop there will be a large clock. Inspect the clock to get the first paper crane that we need.

LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 1F (Nurse’s Office)
GUIDE: This next paper crane will be on the bed over in the Nurse’s Office.

LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 1F (Woman’s Bathroom)
GUIDE: You will find this paper crane inside the woman’s bathroom, where it will be in a blue bucket inside one of the toilet cubical.

LOCATION: New Building – 2F (Classroom 3-4)
GUIDE: Head to classroom 3-4 and inspect the whiteboard to find this one.

LOCATION: Main Building 1 – 1F (Workshop)
GUIDE: Head to the Main Building 1 Workshop and interact with the key combination machine. Here we need to combine both the Blue and Dark keys. This will then create the Combined Key (Blue+Dark)

From there head to the second 2F floor and make your way towards the Gym Storage Room. Just outside of this room is a mail box. Open this mail box using the combined key and we will then get this final paper crane.

YELLOW KEY – This can be found inside the drawer over in the Reading Room, New Building
RED KEY – This one is inside the mail box located in the Main Office, Main Building 1. The code to open it is 4125
BLUE KEY – This one is located on the Rooftop Swimming Pool
DARK KEY – The Dark Key can be found inside the mail box in the Main Building 1, opposite classroom 2-4. You will need to combine both the Red and Blue keys in order to unlock this mail box

LOCATION: New Building – 1F (History Room)
GUIDE: With all 5 paper cranes in hand we can then make our way to the History Room. In here, if you inspect the wall, you should notice several other paper cranes.

Insert the paper cranes we just collected and place the middle paper crane onto any other slot except the middle slot. If you have done this correctly then the game will tell us that something just fell down. We should now be able to collect our document.


Young-mee was a senior high school student and she had never been happy with her body. She was excited to become a university student with only one entrance exam standing in her way, but she regretted that she wouldn’t get to have any “campus romance” with her kind of body. So, she would always say that she was on a diet. the strange thing was that she didn’t look overweight to others.

The people around her would tease her that she should actually gain a few pounds. Still, Young-mee doubted their words. When she looked in the mirror at the back of the classroom she only saw an overweight girl. “Look at what a pig I am! How could they call me thin? How could they say I could gain a few pounds?!”

The only conclusion that she could come to was that they were being sarcastic. “Just you wait. I will become thin. I’ll not eat anything until I am thin!” From that day Young-mee didn’t eat anything and only drank water. She became thinner by the day until it was to the point where she was just skin and bones. She barely had the energy to even move, but she continued her refusal to eat. When she was forced to eat even just a little, she would run straight to the bathroom and throw up.

She had lost so much weight that watching her walk around the school was a creepy sight. Her friends and teachers, who at first had been worried, began to avoid her. Then one day a new boy transferred to her class, Wanting to make quick friends, he treated the whole class to pizza and hamburgers, With the teacher’s permission they served the food in the classroom and held a party.

Everyone was able to enjoy the food while relaxing and letting go of their stress of preparing for the college entrance exams. The transfer student spotted Young-mee sitting by herself by the window. Even in this celebratory mood she was not eating. the thought never occurred to him that she was on a diet; he just figured that she didn’t get her share yet.

So he brought her one of the remaining burgers and a soda. “No!! I’m not eating! I won’t eat anything! I”m still fat in the mirror, can’t you see??” Young-mee stood up and shouted with rage as she pointed at the mirror at the back of the classroom. Suddenly the room went quiet. Her face was contorted with anger and her eyed gleamed with insanity.

Young-mee started snickering and looked around her. All the kid’s eyes were locked on her in fear. To her, it seemed like they were all staring with eyes of disdain. Young-mee stormed out of the classroom screaming. Nobody moved to stop her. In the end she was found dead in the mountains nearby, having starved to death. Her classmates tried to figure out what she meant with her last words.

“What did she mean by the mirror? We don’t have a mirror in our classroom…”


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