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One of the many collectibles that players can find within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School are the Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories are note type collectibles that mention past events regarding the school. They also come as part of the Occult Club President trophy achievement.

One of these Ghost Stories is the Ghost of a Houseparent Ghost Story. In order to find this one will need to acquire the Small Master Key and unlock a drawer.

The Ghost of a Houseparent relates to the Vengeful Spirit Of A Housemother


LOCATION: Main Building 2 – Student Department Office
GUIDE: Head to the Main Building 2 – Student Department Office and locate a small box on the wall. Here we will need to insert a code in order to open it. The code to which is 7153

Inside this box is the Small Master Key.


LOCATION: Main Building 2 – Faculty Office
GUIDE: Now make your way to the Main Building 2 – Faculty Office. At the Faculty Office there will be a drawer under the Typewriter. Use the Small Master Key on this drawer.

We will now get the Ghost of a Houseparent ghost story.


At the time of its establishment, Y high School was in the middle of nowhere, at the base of a mountain with hardly any human traffic.

Due to this reason, Y High School had dormitories for the students. In the female dorm, there was a notorious housemother, Miss C, whom everyone was afraid of.
Coming from a good family background, she demanded that the students behaved and followed rules at all times.
She would give harsh punishments for any violation of the rules, and this caused many students to complain about her.

It was a little after the mid-term, when a Junior fell out a third floor window and died. She was trying to sneak out of the dorms while evading the house mother’s watch to go out and celebrate the end of the mid terms.

But for some reason, the rumors spread that the girl committed suicide because of Miss C, or even worse, that Miss C had killed that girl herself.

Miss C was in a great shock and for a while she stayed silent as if her spirit was broken. The students were happy about this change and secretly kept an eye on Miss C to see if she would return to her old self.

Then came the incident that riled up all the students. Miss C was doing her rounds and found a student whose hair was longer than regulation.

Miss C took the student to the bathroom and cut the girl’s hair. But when that happened, the student and all of her friends surrounded Miss C and protested against her harsh punishment and strict rules.

At first it was only a few students who spoke up. Then, one by one they were joined by other angry voices opposing Miss C, and soon enough every student in the female dorm started protesting against her.

Finally, Miss C broke under all the pressure and her own pent-up emotions and she ran out of the dorm, screaming like a madwoman. None of the students cared. No one went after her trying to calm her down.

In the end, Miss C’s body was found in a nearby mountain; a few days after she went missing. Since then, people started reporting that they’ve seen the ghost of Miss C.

The rumor spread quickly, and the girl in the dormitory suffered from insomnia and fear. Eventually the dorm had to be shut down.

Even so, there are still sporadic reports of sightings of Miss C’s ghost.


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