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One of the many collectibles that players can find within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School are the Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories are note type collectibles that mention past events regarding the school. They also come as part of the Occult Club President trophy achievement.

One of these Ghost Stories is the Tragedy Brought By Jealousy ghost story. In order to find this one we will need to collect pins and play with a globe. There are 5 pins to collect altogether

The Tragedy Brought By Jealousy ghost story relates to the Face Filled With Hatred


LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 1F (Faculty Office)
GUIDE: Head to the 1F Faculty Office in order to find our first pin. It will be on the long wooden table.

LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 3F
GUIDE: This pin is located in the sink of the woman’s bathroom.

LOCATION: Main Building 2 – 2F (Faculty Office 2)
GUIDE: This next pin is located on the wall of the 2F Faculty Office.

LOCATION: New Building – 4F (Reading Room)
GUIDE: Head to the 4F Reading Room and there will be a pin located on one of the books on the shelf.

LOCATION: New Building – 4F (Resource Center)
GUIDE: Head to the 4F Resource Center. In order to unlock the door we will need the Red Keycard. We can find the Red Keycard at the 1F Dance Studio

This final pin is located next to the computers.


LOCATION: New Building – 3F (Classroom 3-8)
GUIDE: In order to acquire the ‘Tragedy Brought by Jealousy’ document we need to not only acquire the 5 different pins, but we also need to place these pins on to the correct locations on a globe.

The locations on the globe are hinted at by acquiring the A Girl’s Dream note. Though the descriptions on where to place these pins are rather brief, it can still provide some use for us.

The A Girl’s Dream note is located inside classroom 3-8 on the radiator

These hints include the following;

The first country is where a king used to be worshipped as a god. You can find triangular palaces that were built for the dead king.

The second country is one born from silver. This nation stands in the opposite side of Asia, and they will never cry for me.

The third country is a nation of maple trees. This land is near the north pole.

The people of the fourth country live on the land below the sea level and are famous for paying separately.

The last country is on the smallest continent of the world. People tend to confuse this place’s name with another.


LOCATION: New Building – 4F (Resource Center)
GUIDE: We can find the globe that we need to place the pins on inside the 4F Resource Center. It will be on top of the set of drawers in the room. Use the hint from the A Girl’s Dream note and place each pin accordingly

If you are still having issues on where to locate these pins then the answer is as follows;

Egypt – A country where a king used to be worshipped as a god.

Argentina – The country born from silver.

Canada – The country that is a nation of maple trees.

Holland / Netherlands – Live on the land below sea level

Australia – The smallest continent of the world

Do this all correctly and the document will be ours for the taking!


Eun-ju and Young-hee were best friends.
Being friends since childhood, they had no secrets between them.
They spent so much time together that they could almost read each other’s minds.

When they entered high school, Eun-ju developed a crush on a guy a year older than her.
Eun-ju would always prattle on and on about him to Yeong-hee.
Strangely, Yeong-hee’s reaction to her close friend’s biggest interest in life was rathericy.
She would only wish her a curt good luck, then be silent until a new subject arose.

One day, Eun-ju heard from another friend that the guy she liked had feelings for Yeong-hee instead.
It turned out that Yeong-hee and the boy went to the same church.
Eun-ju wondered why Yeong-hee had never mentioned that. It was weird.

From that point on, Eun-ju was suspicious of every single thing Yeonh-hee said or did.
Soon, they grew so far apart that they would’nt even say hello to each other.
Sometimes after, Eun-ju found Yeong-hee and the boy sitting on a bench innocently talking.
Envy filled her eyes.

That evening Eun-ju called Yeong-hee up to the school’s rooftop. they began to argue, but Yeong-hee kept on denying Eun-ju’s accusations.
The arguing got louder and more heated, and out of anger Eun-ju pushed Yeong-hee off the rooftop.

Yeong-hee fell down head first, and died instantly with no sound.
Eun-ju gave a fake statement to the police and Yeong-hee’s death was reported as a suicide.
After some time had passed, Eun-ju was able to go out with her crush.

One day, she made plans with her boyfriend to go on a date at school. they thought it would be a great idea to meet up in the middle of the night.
That way they could stay out of the heat and it seemed adventurous. Eun-ju arrived at the school first and was waiting in the empty classroom.

When her boyfriend didn’t show up after the promised time, she began to get scared.


She heard something echoing from the hallway. Then she could hear a door opening.

“Not here”

It wasn’t her boyfriends’s voice. It was the raspy voice of a female that sent shivers down her spine.


The noise was getting louder and closer, until it was shaking the ground with every thunk. Eun-ju heard another door open.

“Not here either…”

Thunk, thunk, thunk…..Thunk! Thunk!!

The thunking was getting closer to her now. Terrified, she dove under the teacher’s desk to hide.
She was quaking in fear.

The door to the classroom flew open. Eun-ju peeked at the door through a crack under the desk.
There was nothing to be seen.
Just when she thought something must have been wrong, an object fell from the desk and Eun-ju’s eyes flew up to see what knocked it down.

“There you are!!!!”

Eun-Ju screamed so loud that her voice echoed throughout the whole school.


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