YS IX – Monstrum Nox : Sowing Seeds Of Joy (Side Quest) Guide

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Sowing Seeds Of Joy is one of the many side quests that you can complete within Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

It involves finding and giving people a flower and an invitation to the new shop. It can be found and completed during Chapter 3 – The Feral Hawk

  • CLIENT: Hannah
  • DEADLINE: Short
  • PRIORITY: 2/3 (2 Star)
  • REWARD: x10 Marl Flower
  • LOCATION: Shantytown
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – The Feral Hawk
  • This quest can be got whilst in Shantytown on Chapter 3 – The Feral Hawk
  • Head to Le Petit Fleuriste (Krysha’s flower store)
  • We will basically need to give 3 people a flower and an invitation to the new store. You should know these people now as they appeared briefly during the main story. These people are of course; Cabato, Ivan and Largus
  • As Hannah said there will be 2 men that you need to speak to in Shantytown
  • The men are marked with green icons on the map (though one of these icons may be rather difficult to spot at first)
  • So speak to these men first since we are already in Shantytown, then we can move onto finding Largus
  • After speaking to both of them go ahead and travel to Central District in order to search for Largus. Who is also marked on the map with a green icon. He is by the water
  • Return back to Hannah in order to complete the quest and receive x10 Marl Flower for your efforts


  • Hannah–one of the employees at Krysha’s flower shop in
  • the Shantytown–has something she wants to ask about

She seems to have a request to make of Krysha


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