(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Vs Resident Evil 3 (Original) : Nicholai Character Intro Comparison

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Nicholai I have to admit is quite a dashing individual, stern and wise. Perhaps one of our favourite characters in the series in fact.

Though he may come off as being brash and harsh, he is only trying to do his job as a fellow member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.).
Protecting the company and namesake, though deep down he knows that something is wrong about the state of Umbrella and the whole virus incident.

Anyway on to the comparisons between Resident Evil 3 Original and Resident Evil 3 Remake, this time we will be delving into the opening cinematic for the character.

In Resident Evil 3 Original the first encounter with Nicholai is rather short and though in the Remake his first appearance is also rather short, in the Original it is much more shorter.
At first Nicholai seems to be once again shady but unlike in the Remake he doesn’t come as being as brash, in fact he just decides to leave once he finds out about Jill. Perhaps he had trust issues with her or just didn’t really care either way.

However, in the Remake the first cinematic with Nicholai reveals that he isn’t the type of person to just push around. In fact he decides to shoot and kill what could of been a completely innocent individual.
He is definitely someone who only cares for himself and unlike in the Original, he manages to come off as the sort of person who may end up being a villain right off the bat. 

Also the locations of where Jill and Nicholai first meet are completely different too, in the Original they meet in a Train Car. Whilst in the Remake they meet in a Garage. 



He may be one shady individual but still he is also a bit of a heartthrob…

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