How to pet Mayor Setter – Alan Wake 2

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How to pet Mayor Setter – Alan Wake 2

Just in time for October, the spooky, highly anticipated sequel to the 2010 game Alan Wake has been released. One of the least spooky things in this game is the town Mayor, Setter. As strange as it sounds, it is a good move to pet Mayor Setter, for the achievement and additionally for the reward. Here’s a guide covering how to pet mayor Setter.

In Alan Wake II, you play as two main characters, FBI Agent Saga who is investigating a cult in the quiet town of Brightfalls and the titular Alan Wake who is trapped in a strange shadow world.

To gain the achievement and reward, you’ll be playing as Saga, through her Return missions.

In order to pet Mayor Setter you’ll need to collect his campaign slogans from around town. This can be done anytime in Saga’s return chapters before her 6th chapter, Scratch.


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Where are the Campaign Slogans?

There are six slogans in total. Three in the town of Brightfalls and three in Watery. You gain access to Brightfalls in Return chapter 5, Old gods, and access to Watery after Return chapter 3, Lost Girl.

Many of these slogans are on or close to the critical path so you will have gotten some without having to look. If you are unsure whether you have missed any, you can check on your progress in Saga’s mind palace.

Without further ado, Here are the locations in Brightfalls and Watery, where you can find Mayor Setter’s Campaign Slogans.


Slogan 1

Where to find Mayor Setter in Alan Wake 2

The first slogan is found on Coal Street. Head around to the left past the lodge on the main street and see it set up to your left.

The first Slogan is: ‘Setter won’t roll over on the Issues’. Stop 1 to pet Mayor Setter done.

Mayor Setter Slogan 2

The next slogan you’ll find is a bit further down the street and across the street from the Oh Deer Dinner. The campaign table is set up with the slogan ‘Setter is Better.’

Slogan 3

The last Slogan in Brightfalls, outside the Valhalla retirement home. You’ll find the campaign table set up just to the left of the Wellness Centre entrance. The slogan simply asks for you to vote for Setter so he can Sit in office. Halfway to petting Mayor Setter.


Slogan 4

Over in Downtown Watery, the first will be across the street from where you park your car. The campaign table it set up facing you so you should see it straight away. Make sure you check it out and read the slogan that ‘Mayor Setter will Stand up for Justice.’

Mayor Setter Slogan 5

Mayor Setter has many slogans in Alan Wake 2

Slogan 5 is in Coffee World near the Hotaru Well. The best way to find it is to follow signed for the Espresso Express and keep your eyes on you right to spot the campaign table. The slogan says ‘When you ask, Mayor Setter will speak.’ This Mayor Setter sounds like a good boy.

Slogan 6

Is Mayor Setter a Dog in Alan Wake 2

Just outside the trailer park entrance is where you’ll find this last Slogan. The campaign table will be set up to your right. The slogan says Mayor Setter is not afraid of Rough questions. Now we have done everything we need to earn the right to pet mayor Setter.

How to pet Mayor Setter

Once you have seen all the slogans you can go back to the bar across the street from where Saga parks her car in Watery. Head inside and on the stage, lit up just for you is Mayor Setter, a very good boy. You can interact with him to give him a pets.

And congrats, you pet Mayor Setter. You don’t just get the dopamine kick from petting a virtual dog. You also get an achievement called ‘Nice things in life’ and a charm. The charm is important for the charm collection achievement ‘Rustic Charm’ but also offers a big help to completionists. When equipped the charm highlights all resources and points of interest on the map around Saga making it much easier to find anything you may have missed.

With the strange atmosphere in Alan Wake 2 petting Mayor Setter is a wonderful, light-hearted edition to the game. Highly recommended for achievement hunter and general dog lovers alike.

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