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Onto the Homecoming chapter of (FF16) Final Fantasy XVI. Where we will find ourselves at the Three Reeds. Which is an area surrounded and inhabited by both leeches and lizards.

Here both Clive and Jill make for Phoenix Gate to ascertain the truth of the tragedy that occurred there thirteen years before- a tragedy that led to them both living abducted from Rosaria and enslaved by their enemies.


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Encountering A Bighorn on way to Martha's Rest
Encountering a Bighorn

Continue down the linear path and the area will begin to expand a bit, allowing us to explore further. To the left is where we can find a new enemy, known as a Bighorn. Basically a giant buffalo.

These will attempt to charge towards you and use its huge weight to its own advantage. When its health gets rather low it will perform a new ability. A move known as Bucking Bull.

Bucking Bull is where the Bighorn will begin to jump around in circles, using its large back legs to kick anything that may be too close to it at the time. Just keep away from the beast until it finally calms down once again.


By the small waterfall we can find our next shiny, briar clam shells. However, when we get close several Cray Claw will try to ambush us. These are normal enemies, so no worries there.

Simply continue on to find a small wooden building and more of the Cray Claw.

By this small pier by the wooden building we can find a sharp fang. Make your way to The Whispering Waters to find more briar clam shells and Cray Claws. If you continue to search the area we can also locate another sharp fang

Cross over the bridge and turn left to find more briar clam shells. South of The Trans-Rosarian Aqueduct we can find a bunch of Goblin Muggers and a Gigas.

Last time we saw a Gigas was back at the start of the game. They enjoy using their gigantic mace to swing and destroy. So be wary of that and avoid taking damage as much as possible.

The goblins seem to be protecting a treasure chest that contains 10 sharp fangs

The Homecoming section of the main story introduces us to yet more optional side quests. One such quest is, What A Bird Wants. Which requires us to deliver a package over to Martha’s Rest. Which is where we are headed anyway. So accept the quest or not, that is entirely up to you. The quest itself is directly on our path, so hard to miss really.

Anyway just beyond the damaged cart and to the left is another shiny object, 3 sharp fangs. We can find a further 5 Gil to the right side of the map. Make your way to the next bridge.


We are now at Martha’s Rest. Feel free to speak with Gerard the Stable Master and deliver the sealed crate. We will be rewarded with 18xp, x10 sharp fangs and x5 bloody hide. This will conclude the What A Bird Wants side quest.

Delivering The Sealed Crate What A Bird Wants
What A Bird Wants Side Quest

Anyway continue across the rather long bridge and further towards the red objective marker. Once you arrive at the village, you will then want to head to the right. East of The Golden Stables to find a treasure chest that contains a Forevermore Orchestrion Roll and a Goblin Coin

Another treasure chest is situated at The Golden Stables. Search for a torch stand and a dead end to find it. Inside is another Goblin Coin

Make your way into the building and speak with Martha, she will have a quest for us to complete. This actually concludes the Homecoming chapter of (FF16) Final Fantasy XVI. However, as these following chapters are rather small I decided to compile them as one.


After completing the Homecoming chapter we will move onto this one next. Which requires us to exit the village and climb the nearby ladder down. Then proceed down the next one too. Here we will find Bernard being attacked by a bunch of cray claws.

Defeat the cray claws to be rewarded with 16xp, 8 Ability Points, 56 Gil, x2 Valley Madder and x4 Sharp Fang. After the scene proceed back to Martha.

For having managed to rescue Bernard we will receive 50xp, 100 Ability Points, 1,100 Gil and a Meteorite. Alongside our next quest.


Following on from both the Homecoming and Building Bridges chapters, we will then have A Bearer’s Lot. Which gives us our next destination, Glaidemond Abbey. We can get there by riding the lift platform down. The handle to activate it is to the left of The Golden Stables

Heading To Glaidemond Abbey In The Homecoming Chapter

This will take us to Sorrowise. First check out the area north of the map and right of the lift platform. Here we will find a Megalocrab. Nothing too major. Along with another shiny (3 briar clam shells). Another new enemy foe is the Adamantoise.


This large shelled foe is capable of a few tricks. One of which sees the Adamantoise spiralling around in circles. When it does this your party, including Clive, will be temporarily stunned until the shell stops moving. The giant tortoise can also spit out water projectiles and stamp the ground with its front legs.

As it has a shell it is also recommended to target its head rather than the body. This obviously goes without saying. The tough shell makes it difficult to deal any damage. Often seeing any attempts in doing so being rebounded.

The Adamantoise Fight

Our rewards for having defeated the Adamantoise is 10xp, 40 Ability Points, and x2 Black Blood. Another shiny can also be found here. 3 chunks of wyrrite. Continue on and defeat the Hornets to gain pinches of magicked ash

We will come across our next Adamantoise as we continue to follow the path. Same attack patterns and such, so you should know how to deal with them.

Keep heading west of the map towards Glaidemond Abbey. We will find another shiny (5 Gil) by the Wild Chocobo and a collection of briar clam shells by the Arachne and Gloom Widows.

At the ruins next to these spider-like creatures we will find a chest containing Meteorite

Continue on to the Abbey and we will get a scene and be told to report back to Martha. We can fast travel back however, there is no need to run all the way back.

Speak with Martha to complete the Homecoming chapter along with several other, as said, smaller chapters too.

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