Baldur’s Gate 3 – How To Open The Gilded Chest (Owlbear Nest) Guide

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As you continue to explore the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 you will no doubt end up finding yourself in Owlbear Nest, which is located in the heart of the Forest.

If you are still unfamiliar as to where the Owlbear Nest actually is, then the co-ordinates are as follows; x-96 y-432 within the Forest section of the map

Enter the cave otherwise known as the Owlbear Nest

Next to the Cave Mouth entrance / exit will be a Selune Statue alongside the actual Gilded Chest

Now no matter what you do from throwing various spells at it or just out of natural instinct try and open it as normal, the chest will not open.

In fact according to Gale (if he is in your party) a Wizard actually went and sealed this chest and apparently they where no amateur.

So this is a special chest then? From the fact that it wont open like any normal chest, the answer to that would obviously be a ‘yes’

However, I’m sure a lot of you will be curious as why this is a special chest and what exactly is inside it, hmm..

But first we need to figure out a way to be able to open it..

Now if you go ahead and jump behind this Selune Statue, you should hopefully come across a Selunite Prayer Sheet, if it doesn’t appear then keep on inspecting that little dark area behind the Selune Statue until it does appear. (Note: You may need to succeed in – Perception Successful)

If the Selunite Prayer Sheet does not appear still then be sure to pick up the nearby The Genesis of Selune and Shar book nearby FIRST (it sits next to the actual Statue), and then try again with obtaining the Selunite Prayer Sheet. You may also need to jump from platform to platform too like you did to get behind the Statue in the first place. Read both The Genesis of Selune and Shar book as well as the Selunite Prayer Sheet, you will need to read both of them IN FRONT of the actual chest

The chest will now be unlocked, however Shadowheart will want to warn you about the chest first.

If you select the (INTIMIDATION) – I’ll do as I please. If you want to try stop me, be my guest and fail at the die roll then Lae’zel – Approves and Shadowheart – Disapproves

The Gilded Chest will contain the following –

Silver Necklace, Idol of Selune and an Onyx


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