Baldur’s Gate 3 – Save The Refuges (Side Quest – Recruit Wyll) Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Baldur’s Gate 3 also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is Save The Refuges which is available whilst exploring the Druid Grove, the quest itself can be obtained whilst on Act 1 / Chapter 1

It will involve Kagha wanting the tieflings to leave in fear that the grove cannot support both them and itself. This will also lead you to being able to recruit the new companion, Wyll.

(NOTE: Your actions during this quest will have an impact on Minthara’s fate as a potential companion)


Rescue Druid Halsin
Blade Of Frontiers (Wyll Companion Quest)
How To Recruit Minthara Companion


  • ACT (CHAPTER) UNLOCKED: Act 1 (Chapter 1)
  • LOCATION: Druid Grove
  • QUEST GIVER: Jeorna
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete the side quest Save Arabella


  • Head to Druid Grove and then from there find and speak to Jeorna, a druid guard. Who will stop you in your tracks and then inform you that Kagha wishes to talk to you.
  • As this quest requires that you have already completed the Save Arabella side quest then you should, by now, know where Kagha resides.
  • Open the Stone Door and lets go and see what she wants from us.
  • When you speak to Kagha and if you chose to select the Honestly, I just wanted to see what would happen option you will be rewarded with a Astarion – Approval and Gale – Disapproval (This option may not appear depending on your actions during the Save Arabella side quest)
  • Zevlor will now be marked on your map, he isn’t too far away and in fact he can be found to the West of your current location.
  • As the conversation comes to an end and if you choose to select the option I’ll see what I can do you will be rewarded with Astarion – Disapproval and Gale – Approves
  • The Goblin Camp will now be marked on the map (to the far West), so too will Wyll who is actually just outside Zevlor’s home. We will start by talking to Wyll since he isn’t too far.
  • You will now find out that Wyll is actually the Blade of Frontiers. Whilst speaking with Wyll and if you choose the I’m on board. Let’s clear the road for the tieflings dialogue option you will be rewarded with Astarion and Shadowheart – Disapproval
  • Wyll can now become a party companion. Recruiting him will also grant you Gale – Approval
  • Head to the Goblin Camp and open the Heavy Oak Doors behind the rather large but uninterested guard. If you cannot do this then you will either need to complete the Save Sazza side quest first or head to the floor above and look for a hidden section in the wall behind a pair of sleeping goblins. Watch out though if you fail to do this quietly it will cause conflict with the giant ogre creatures. Use an Axe or something to that effect in order to break down this secret wall.
  • For this next section of dialogue select whichever you prefer depending on your play style, however if you choose the (ILLITHID) (WISDOM) – I’m not here to talk to a lowly guard and win the Die roll the Goblin will recognise you as a True Soul and allow you passage without any conflict.
  • Now that we have access to the Goblin Camp, we can now track down the Goblin Leaders needed for the quest. If you hover the icon over each Goblin you can find out which of these are the ones we need to kill as they should have the words ‘Goblin Boss’ written under their names. The Goblin Bosses are the Goblin Leaders, so deal with those ones.(This includes Rozzak, Skrut and Minthara) Location – x:326 y:46
  • Once those have been taken care off you will now need to find and locate another set of Goblin Leaders. You can find the next Goblin Leader behind a locked door that needs lockpicking. (Goblin Leaders – Dror Ragzlin) Location – x:297 y:31
  • The final Goblin Leader that also resides in the camp is True Soul Gut (High Priestess of the Absolute) she can be found within the Shattered Sanctum (x297 y-27)
  • After dealing with those (Minthara, Dror Ragzlin and True Soul Gut) you can then return back to Druid’s Grove and back to Zevlor (location – x:207 y:453) Speak to Zevlor
  • At this point you can now return to Camp and get celebrating yay! Quest end.


+ Meet with Kagha –

Kagha, leader of the druids, wants to speak with us.

+ Return to Zevlor –

Kagha wants us to make the tieflings leave – she fears the grove cannot support both them and itself.

+ End the conflict –

Wyll wants to take out the goblin leaders so the tieflings have a chance once they’re back on the road.

Kagha plans to seal the grove shut, while Zevlor wont leave until the roads are safe. We need to resolve this.

Zevlor asked us to take out the goblins so the tieflings can reach Baldur’s Gate safely.

+ Talk to the tiefling leader –

With the goblins defeated, the tieflings can safely return to the road. They will be happy to learn the news.

+ Celebrate at Camp –

Grateful for our help, the tieflings are celebrating our victory. Time to have some fun


+ Talk to Wyll –

Zevlor asked us to deal with the goblins and secure the road to Baldur’s Gate. A man named Wyll has offered his help as well – we should talk to him.

+ Investigate the Goblin Camp –

We arrived at a camp full of goblins eager for blood and booze. There must be a way to cripple them without having to fight them all.

+ Travel to the Goblin Camp –

Wyll, the Blade of Frontiers, believes that the best way to handle the goblins is to take out their leader. We need to find this person.

+ Search For The Leaders –

We killed Minthara, the drow commander. But she can’t have been the only one keeping the goblins in here – we need to find more leaders.


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