Baldur’s Gate 3 – The Blade Of Frontiers (Wyll / Companion Side Quest) Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Baldur’s Gate 3 also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is The Blade Of Frontiers which is available whilst exploring the Goblin Camp, the quest itself can be obtained whilst on Act 1 / Chapter 1. This quest is actually a companion quest for the character Wyll.

It will involve Wyll wanting to speak to a goblin named Spike and finding out about a woman named, Mizora

  • ACT (CHAPTER) UNLOCKED: Act 1 (Chapter 1)
  • LOCATION: Druid Grove


  • In order to actually recruit the companion character ‘Wyll‘ you will need to head to the Druid Grove (x: 220 y: 535), where he will be teaching kids how to sword fight
  • Speak to Wyll and recruit him. You will learn that he is actually nicknamed the Blade of Frontiers. If you choose the I’m on board. Let’s clear the road for the tieflings dialogue option you will be rewarded with Astarion and Shadowheart – Disapproval
  • We will now need to complete the Save the Refugees side quest.
  • After completing that quest, once again speak to Wyll in order to move on. You will learn of a goblin named Spike
  • We will now need to head back to the Goblin Camp (x: -103 y: 450) if you are not already there
  • When we arrive at the Goblin Camp, head inside to the Shattered Sanctum
  • Whilst in the Shattered Sanctum, head to the coordinates (X: 321 Y: -29). Here we can meet up with Spike who is apparently torturing someone
  • Whilst speaking with Spike you will learn of a woman named Mizora. Unfortunately Mizora is no longer in the camp and you can choose to then kill Spike. Choosing to kill Spike will actually net you the Torturer’s Key on Spike’s now deceased body as well as Wyll ‘The Blade of Frontier’s’ missing eye eww.
  • If you chose to kill Spike you can now also unlock and free the poor guy on the Torture Rack using the Torturer’s Key. The poor man will also comment on the possible location of Halsin. As well as the Nightsong being underneath the Temple in a secret vault
  • As for this particular quest you can now return to Camp and speak to Wyll once again.
  • Our next objective is to find and rescue Mizora but as this is still Early Access that I am writing this in, that story will have to wait until later..


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