Baldur’s Gate 3 – Daughter Of Darkness (Shadowheart / Companion Side Quest) Guide

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Baldur’s Gate 3, like any good RPG, has a ton of optional side quests to complete and some will bring you into a deeper understanding about your fellow companions. The Daughter of Darkness is one such companion quest.

This is the first companion quest you can actually gain from Shadowheart your trusty cleric with the suspicious name and secrets abound. There are so many ways to do this quest I may miss some. If I do, feel free to add them to the comments below. We can collect this one during Act I


How To Recruit Shadowheart Companion
Umbral Gem Location (Needed for The Chosen of Shar Companion Quest)



You gain the ‘Daughter of Darkness’ quest after Shadowheart joins your party. You can unlock Shadowheart by either freeing her from the Nautiloid Pod or by just randomly encountering her in the Ravaged Beach, after the ship crash.

After you have successfully managed to recruit her the Daughter of Darkness quest will automatically be added to your quest journal. Here we can also begin the Explore The Ruins quest. If we inspect the locked door by the Ancient Sigil Circle.

Meeting Shadowheart


There is a grand total of 5 times in which you will have a chance to get Shadowheart to speak about the secrets of her past and religion. So if you fail at a few don’t worry too much. You’ll need some good persuasion or wisdom for most of these, insight will also help. So if you decided to play a character that is not too good at social, maybe swap to someone who is before these conversations, pray that 5 chances are enough or save and reload your game.


In the Owlbear nest you will come across a chest marked by the goddess Selune. You will need to use her prayer to open it and Shadowheart will show open distain for it. Talk to her to question this distain. Roll an insight check to get Shadowheart to reveal her secret. However if you want what’s in the chest while Shadowheart is there you will have to roll ‘sleight of hand’ for the loot.


In the shattered sanctum Shadowheart will once again voice her displeasure at being here since this seems to be a rundown temple to Selune. Speak to her after one of her rants to ask her about her issues. Roll a persuasion check to get her to confess.


In the Blighted Village you will find an old journal that will grab Shadowheart’s attention. It will cause her to have a strange magical reaction and seemingly spook her. You will need to roll a persuasion check to get her to give a few more details and then a wisdom or persuasion check after that to bring out her secrets.


Another incident relating to the Daughter of Darkness side quest that occurs in the Blighted Village, is when you find a Damaged Headpiece. This will grab Shadowheart’s attention. It will cause a magical reaction. You will need to roll a persuasion check to get her to give a few more details and then a wisdom or persuasion check after that to continue the quest.


Remaining within the Blighted Village you can also find a defaced Selune statue that will, once again, interest Shadowheart and cause a reaction from her. Again you will need to roll a persuasion check and then either a wisdom or persuasion check to get her to reveal more secrets.


Returning back to the camp and whilst playing as the player character, you can react to Shadowheart’s secrets in a number of ways. If you react negatively enough you can even kick her from the party and travel separately. You can take a more neutral approach and not upset anyone but not gain any points. Or you can accept her with no questions asked and gain some approval from Shadowheart.

Lae’zel will disapprove if you do accept her with open arms but she seems to be the only party member who will have a problem with it.

After finding out this secret Shadowheart will have more conversation options in camp and will open up to you. She will reveal she is on a holy mission but will be a bit skimpy on the details.


In order to unlock Shadowheart’s next companion quest you will need to speak with the druid Halsin, who will tell you of a group of Shar’s chosen who disappeared in the Underdark. Agree to Investigate to start the quest. By completing the rescue the refugees we will encounter Halsin for the first time, it is a prequel to Save Druid Halsin. Both of which are necessary in order to continue with our cleric companion’s side story. Then after rescuing the druid we will unlock The Chosen of Shar.


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