Baldur’s Gate 3 – How To Recruit Owlbear Cub (Companion) Guide

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As you continue to explore the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 you will more than likely come across these rather adorable cute and fluffy animals, these of course are known as Owlbears

One of the magical aspects to this game is that you can recruit one of these Owlbears (an Owlbear Cub) as a companion.

This guide will tell you how exactly you can do this!




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In order to begin this you will first of all need to be at the North East of Blighted Village (coordinates x: 94 y: 435)

Here you will want to look for a cave (Cave Mouth), this is in actual fact an Owlbear Cave

As soon as you enter the cave, a scene should begin and you will see an Owlbear mother with its cub

Here you will be forced into a fight against both Owlbears, which is actually quite sad as the mother is simply trying to protect its young and here we are attacking it.

For the purpose of this guide though, we do NOT want to hit the cub at all. Simply ignore it instead. We need the cub alive!

Once the mother has been dealt with though, you can now select the Let The Creature Live option, as again we do NOT want to harm the cub. Unless you are a heartless person of course! I mean we kind of already are as we just slaughted the mother anyway, still again for the purpose of this specific guide don’t!

(Gale – Approves, Wyll – Approves, Shadowheart – Approves, Lae’zel – Disapproves)

Now we want to head to the Goblin Camp, coordinates (x: -106 y: 428). Here if you look to the left of the entrance you should see the poor Owlbear cub that you spared earlier on.

You will now need to speak to Volo (the singing bard in the middle of the camp). Then after Volo gets taken away, you can once again speak to Krolla who should know deem you worthy enough to take part in a game of chicken chasing. If she still doesn’t accept you however, just keep talking to the various npc nearby until she does.

You will now need to play a game of chicken chasing, if you get stuck on how to actually complete this minigame then check out my Chicken Chase Guide

After winning the chicken chase go ahead and speak to Krolla, turns out she refuses to pay up.

At this point use whichever dialogue option you want but our main goal is to speak to the Owlbear cub.

When speaking to the cub choose the options Beckon him closer, then once again speak to Krolla and choose the option I’ll be taking the Owlbear too, to which, after both winning the chicken chase game alongside getting your much deserved winnings too, she will agree to.

The Owlbear cub should now be at your camp, if not it may take a little while but this is really all it takes.


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