God Of War (2018) – The Flight Of Fafnir (Favour – Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach the Path to the Mountain mission you will begin unlocking the optional side quests or Favours as the game calls them

One such optional favour is The Flight of Fafnir, which involves rescuing another dragon

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Follow Mimir’s Instructions to the chisel (The Magic Chisel)
  • REWARDS: Rare Enchantment (Brilliant Scale Of The Chained), Dragon Tear, 615XP, Dangerous Skies Trophy Achievement (If you have also completed The Flight of FafnirOtr’s Imprisonment and The Fire of Reginn)
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A Reach the dragon, Fafnir.
  • LOCATION: Mason’s Channel – Midgard
  • GUIDE:
  • Go ahead and dock on the island to the right of the boatmen statues near the Mason’s Channel
  • From there climb up the wall, you may need to use Atreus in order to destroy the red shatter crystals.
  • Keep climbing right to the very top and you should reach a door, Fafnir resides through here
  • We will now have to destroy the dragon shrines, which in doing so will hopefully break the dragon free from its chains
  • Keep in mind that Fafnir can and will continue to attack using electrical attacks, this is usually in the form of electrical puddles on the floor and/or electrical breath attacks
  • Anyway you can find the first dragon shrine in a small area to the left.
  • The second dragon shrine can be found to the left of Fafnir
  • Watch out for the enemies that will attack you and as you are in a bit of a dead end, it is easy to get hit by them and Fafnir too. So try not to get too out numbered.
  • The final dragon shrine can be found on the right side of the area now, climb up the wall here.
  • You will have to fight a bunch of enemies including a Traveller
  • That should now conclude all of the dragon shrines in the area. However, before we end the quest there is one more treasure chest that we can claim first
  • Head back to the area with the first dragon shrine and climb the wall here
  • In this area you can find both a lore tablet and a treasure chest. The latter one contains x1 Solid Svartalfheim and x3 World Serpent Scales
  • Now when you are ready head to the anchor point next to the dragon, interact with this in order to then free the dragon
  • As soon as the dragon is freed the quest will then end


Fafnir… I’ve heard the name before. Son of a Dwarf King, guardian of his treasure, cursed by Andvari. If we want to free him, we’ll have to break the three shrines that bind him, I know dragons are dangerous, but it seems like Fafnir has been through a lot

The three shrines are destroyed, but we’ll have to go back to the anchor point to free Fafnir

  • Destroy shrines binding Fafnir
  • Return to the anchor


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