God Of War (2018) – Otr’s Imprisonment (Favour – Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach the Path to the Mountain mission you will begin unlocking the optional side quests or Favours as the game calls them

One such optional favour is Otr’s Imprisonment, which involves destroying shrines and freeing dragons

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Dock at the bridge (Path to the Mountain)
  • REWARDS: Brilliant Mark Of The Dragon (Rare Enchantment), Dragon Tear, 615XP, Dangerous Skies Trophy Achievement (If you have also completed The Flight of FafnirOtr’s Imprisonment and The Fire of Reginn)
  • LOCATION: Stone Falls
  • GUIDE:
  • After meeting with the World Serpent you will be given the chance to explore a bit more, at this point you will want to head to Stone Falls.
  • Whilst at Stone Falls you can also unlock the Hammer Fall favour quest.
  • However, our main objective for this particular quest is to lower the bridge here and open the golden gates. The main area with the actual quest can be found beyond these gates
  • Anyway in order to be able to open these gates you will need to head to Stone Falls and more specifically into the open area, and the only area in which you can go into for now.
  • Here defeat the enemies and then turn towards the bridge. Aim your Axe and throw it at the chain on the bridge in order to lower it.
  • Then next to the Lake Spirit is a mechanism which you can use to open these golden gates
  • Get back on your boat and continue through the now open gates, dock at the next bit of land.
  • Head through the gap in the wall in order to fight a bunch of wolves.
  • From there climb through the hole in the rocks to the right of the spiked gate
  • In this next area lift the rock that is currently blocking our path
  • You will now reach another boat that you can use
  • Okay it is now time to get on with the actual favour quest itself, now that we have established how to actually get there.
  • You will now want to dock at the next bit of land on the right
  • Defeat the enemies here and you can find a treasure chest to the left, be warned though that as soon as you approach the chest you will be immediately attacked again.
  • Anyway if you look beyond the nearby stairs you should notice a huge dragon.
  • This dragon will cast electrical attacks and can cause damage so be careful as you continue on.
  • Keep heading up the stairs. If you head left you will be attacked by another enemy, so again be careful.
  • At the top of the stairs you can find a Eyes of Odin raven collectible. It is just under the dragon behind a wooden barricade.
  • Now head right of the stairs to find a Dragon Shrine. We need to destroy 3 of these shrines in order to complete the quest
  • Head to the right side of the area now and up a hill, the next shrine is up here.
  • Now cross the bridge and drop down to the ground below
  • In this area you can lower the chain by the ledge to create a new shortcut back to the start of the area
  • Once you are ready to move on, head up the stairs.
  • You can find a treasure chest behind the barricaded wall, alongside an enemy that is currently hiding.
  • Anyway continue on and head left, then jump to the bridge.
  • We will now be at a locked gate with some rotating symbols next to it.
  • Now the left side of this door is simple enough as the game even shows you what symbols you need to look for, so continue to throw your Axe in order to match the symbols.
  • The right side however, is a bit different as there are no clues and so nothing to match up. Instead you will need to find these missing symbols
  • The first missing symbol can be found next to the door, behind some crates
  • This first symbol needs to be on the bottom. Keep in mind that the symbol is upside down and there is two ‘F’ symbols that can be found by rotating the dial, you need the ‘F’ symbol to be the correct way up.
  • The next missing symbol can be found behind you and behind yet more crates.
  • So continue to match up the symbols on the door and hopefully it will now unlock.
  • Inside the castle, head up the stairs and defeat the enemies here. Then continue right
  • Continue right once again, through a hallway, at the end here you should notice the third and final Dragon Shrine
  • Return back to the previous room now and head to the rotating mechanism, use this to lower the water
  • Continue on through the now open door and then the guarded door that then follows, there is a lore collectible here too if you want it.
  • There is an optional boss in this room if you want to fight it, it can drop a good amount of loot including a rare talisman (Horn of Heimdall)
  • The optional boss is located underground, in order to let it ‘free’ and for you to then fight it
  • You will need to use the nearby rotating mechanism
  • Anyway once you are ready to continue with the favour quest, head through the door using the nearby mechanism in order to open it
  • Grab the treasure chest (you can unlock the Death Happened Here trophy achievement if you managed to collect all of the other treasures) Now climb up and out of the castle.
  • Interact with the object opposite the dragon to end the quest


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