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The Relic Ruins are optional side activities that involve solving puzzles and searching through hidden ruins. You can also uncover bonus rewards if you manage to complete the ruin too. Rewards such as Ornaments, metal bones, metal shards and more…

This specific page will be focusing on Isle Of Spires relic ruin.


  • This ruin can be found to the far western part of the map , near Legacy’s Landfall and the Unknown Fire Clamberjaw Site
  • The ruin will be located at the water’s edge and a campfire, your first goal when you arrive is to climb up the ruin wall.
  • Once you have found yourself inside the ruin keep following the path to the left in order to find the Energy Cell. Take this Energy Cell and insert it into the device in the room next door.
  • Now that the ruins have power head down into the corridor on the right, then look up to find a vent. Head inside this vent and follow it to the right and, more specifically, a Firegleam. Destroy the Firegleam
  • Return to the Energy Cell and take it out and place it into the device in the previous room. This will help charge the Energy Cell.
  • With the Energy Cell charged your next task is to insert into the nearby elevator. Ride the elevator down.
  • Destroy the Firegleam on the left, we will now be back at the water.
  • Turn around to find a crate and use your Pullcaster. Continue to pull it and take the crate onto the passage on the right, through the water. Ignore the hole made by the Firegleam.
  • Here we will find a metal flower, use your spear on it in order for it to open, then interact with it in order to eliminate the vines.
  • Turn your attention back to the crate and use the Pullcaster to pull the crate into the water. We now want to jump on the crate and look through the gap next to us, here we will see a set of ladders. Use your bow to lower these ladders.
  • Now we want to head through the gap in the wall that I told you to ignore earlier. Head right and there will be a narrow passage, head down here.
  • Continuing on down this passageway we will come across the ladders we just lowered. Climb these ladders.
  • Now as you climb these ladders there will be a ledge behind you that you will want to jump to.
  • Jumping on to this ledge will reveal the Main Office Key
  • Now return to the room with the metal flower and use the Pullcaster on the crate once again and place it on the elevator. Ride the elevator back up.
  • When the elevator stops your next task is to take the crate towards the damaged wall, then climb it to the platform above. Here we can find an Ancient Valuables Chest.
  • Keep climbing up and then jump onto the platform opposite, here you can find another Ancient Valuables Box.
  • Drop down to the platform below, here we can find the necessary door, There will also be a 9th Floor Security Measures Datapoint in the room too.
  • The passcode for the door should be 109
  • Head through the door, we are not done yet. Head right out of the door and drop down onto the golden pole below.
  • Here we should notice a crate, use the Pullcaster on the crate in order to send it into the watery depths below.
  • Join the crate in the water and then use your Pullcaster to pull it back out of the water and to an area with a vent above.
  • Before you open the vent there will be another Datapoint nearby (Storage Instructions)
  • Now return to the vent and use the crate to climb inside and follow it to a rather enclosed area. There will be another Datapoint here (RE: Locked In!)
  • Now head to the door and enter the following code; 2109 and drop down into the water. This is the door that you came across earlier, we should now be able to gain access to it using the key. The code for this one is 2109109


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