(HFW) Horizon Forbidden West – Nights Of Lights (Side Quest Errand) Guide

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Nights Of Lights is one of the many optional side quests or Errands that you can complete within Horizon Forbidden West.

This errand involves trying to find the origin of the Ornaments.

This specific errand becomes available after completing all 8 Relic Ruins and collecting the Ornaments from each location.

  • ERRAND: Nights Of Lights
  • LOCATION: Hidden Ember
  • QUEST GIVER: Stemmur
  • REWARDS: 4771XP, 1 Skill Point
  • GUIDE:
  • You can acquire this specific errand after you complete all 8 Relic Ruins and head to the Hidden Ember in order to speak with Stemmur. It is south of the map
  • We will then be tasked with going to the underground ruin.


  • The underground ruin is in Dunehollow, you can reach it by dropping to the lower levels after speaking with Stemmur.
  • Heading down will lead you to a room that gives off rather a red glow, we need to be down here. We can do this by grabbing onto the wall and making our way down that way.
  • At the bottom you will then want to follow the room right towards the green glyphs
  • Here glide to the bottom floor and we will encounter a purple coloured area. Aloy will then comment about the statue and that the ruin should be nearby.
  • Continue right and head towards the bridge. Keep following the marker. Just below the building there will be a Datapoint (Taste Of The High Life)


  • Once inside we will immediately be able to spot the door and Ornament. Unfortunately we cannot unlock it, just yet.
  • Instead climb up to the above platform and follow the steps up. Up here there will be an Ancient Supply Box and another Datapoint (Malfunction)
  • Head into the purple area and you should be able to spot a bunch of crates, we want to use the Pullcaster on the top crate. Pull this top crate to the right.
  • Then take the bottom crate and place it next to the ramp. Then return to the top crate and pull this one out of the cage next. This crate needs to be pulled up the ramp.
  • At the top of the ramp, place this crate on top of the other crate. Then when both crates are together push them towards the large cage behind you.
  • In this same cage there is yet another crate, pull this one can then use the pile of crates to climb and reach this new crate.
  • Inside the cage with the new crate there will be a vent, use the Pullcaster to open this.
  • Follow the vent to an Ancient Valuables Chest. Continue on and head left. Open the vent here to find yourself back outside.
  • Whilst outside there will be a breakable wall, use the Pullcaster to destroy it. Head through here to find a Datapoint (RSVP Requested)
  • Return to the Ornament door that we saw earlier and enter the following code; 739135
  • Return to Stemmur.
  • (Note: You can use the grapple to reach the above platforms when you return to the room with the various glyphs.)


Stemmur needs Aloy to recover an Old World gizmo from one of the ruins in the underground dome.


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