(HFW) Horizon Forbidden West – The Long Coast (Relic Ruins) Guide

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The Relic Ruins are optional side activities that involve solving puzzles and searching through hidden ruins. You can also uncover bonus rewards if you manage to complete the ruin too. Rewards such as Ornaments, metal bones, metal shards and more…

This specific page will be focusing on The Long Coast relic ruin.


  • This ruin can be located just south of the Greenhouse. You will find it hidden amongst the trees.
  • You will want to start this one off by climbing up the ruin and then swing across using the yellow bolts in the structure. By doing this we can reach the entrance to the underground area.
  • Down here we can find a Firegleam that will need destroying.
  • After blowing up the Firegleam turn around and you will spot a lever mechanism on the other side of the wall, use the Pullcaster to activate it. By doing this you will be moving a nearby mechanism that we can then use.
  • After successfully activating the system go ahead and rise the line above you and jump on to the platform. Here we will find a crate. Push this crate on to the ground below.
  • Continue pushing this crate and place it into the nearby water. From there pull the crate onto the nearby land opposite.
  • On this land there will be a gap in the wall that is the correct size and shape for the crate, so push it into its slot. Then keep pushing it so that it sits on the nearby elevator.
  • Head up the stairs now and you will find the Energy Cell, we can use this to power up the elevator. So take this Energy Cell and head back downstairs and place it into the device.
  • With the power now restored we can activate the elevator, proceed to ride it up.
  • Once at the top move the crate off the elevator and get out and head right, here we will spot ledges that we can climb up. Aloy will then notice the relic inside the tower, nothing we can do right now.
  • Anyway at the top of the tower we will notice ledges that we can jump off, do so and glide into the area with the crate and Firegleam.
  • When you land go ahead and destroy the Firegleam, then push the nearby crate into the area that we just uncovered and drop it onto the ground below.
  • Push the crate onto the elevator and return to the last crate just above you, the first crate that rode the elevator. Our goal is to have this crate pushed on top of the elevator, whilst the other one just sits inside the elevator for now.
  • Okay activate the elevator and ride it up. Once at the top push the crate out and climb onto the top of the elevator. This is where our second crate should be.
  • Now using the crate jump and climb onto the ledges on the wall, then make your way to the platform where we will now be able to collect the Ornament


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