(HFW) Horizon Forbidden West – Restless Weald (Relic Ruins) Guide

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The Relic Ruins are optional side activities that involve solving puzzles and searching through hidden ruins. You can also uncover bonus rewards if you manage to complete the ruin too. Rewards such as Ornaments, metal bones, metal shards and more…

This specific page will be focusing on Restless Weald relic ruin.


  • Head to the Restless Weald and your first task is to move the nearby railcar. However, we need this railcar to go north so pull it back and position it first.
  • Keep pushing this railcar until you reach the nearby building. If you look closely at this building you should be able to notice a ledge you can get to using the railcart. Head onto the building.
  • From the building use the zipline to get across to the next set of ruins. It is here where we can find the necessary Depot Office Key
  • After acquiring the Depot Office Key use your bow and aim at the nearby ladder, this will lower it. Make your way to the ladder.
  • We need to unlock this door in order to continue on. The code to which is 1923
  • Head through this door and zipline your way to the next ruin.
  • In here make sure to ignite the Firegleam and then stand back as it will blow up and reveal a new passageway through the wall.
  • Head back out of the ruin and, more specifically back to the railcar. You want to now pull this railcar all of the way back to its original position.
  • Align the rail tracks using the nearby mechanism. Then begin pushing the railcar once again and it should, this time, head in a western direction. Keep pushing this railcar until it hits a dead end.
  • Now use the railcar to climb and reach the nearby pillars. Use the pillars to reach the platform with the Ornament.


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