(HFW) Horizon Forbidden West – The Dry Yearn (Relic Ruins) Guide

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The Relic Ruins are optional side activities that involve solving puzzles and searching through hidden ruins. You can also uncover bonus rewards if you manage to complete the ruin too. Rewards such as Ornaments, metal bones, metal shards and more…

This specific page will be focusing on The Dry Yearn relic ruin.


  • This ruin will take us to an underground tunnel
  • Immediately to the left you should notice a metal flower and a bunch of vines, the only way to remove these vines is to destroy the metal flower. You can do this by using the spear.
  • Destroying the metal flower with the spear will allow it to open, we can then interact with it. This will then kill the vines and reveal the passage.
  • In this passage there will be a crate, you will now want to pull and push this crate so that you can climb up to the platform above.
  • Up here make sure to use the mechanism and raise the Blast Door. Head through the door before it closes once again.
  • To your immediate left there will be another crate, pull it out from its original position and that is basically all we need to do with this right now.
  • Now in order to progress we will need to locate the breakable wall at the end of the track, destroy it to reveal a railcart.
  • Pull this railcart to the end of the tunnel, next to the Blast Door. We will be using this in just a minute.
  • Our next task is to use the Pullcaster on the blue wooden poles above you, these will act as a platform in order to reach the necessary key, which resides on the platform next to these poles. So pull and lower all of these.
  • Now use the Blast Door to climb and reach these poles and make your way to the key (Repository Maintenance Key)
  • Now use the railcart to reach the door. Interact and open the door.
  • In here there will be a vent that we will want to lower and crawl through, follow the vent and fall down to the next vent door. Open it.
  • We will now be inside a room with a Firegleam, destroy this to reveal the next passage. We will then find ourselves on the other side of the Blast Door.
  • Open the Blast Door and then use the railcart to prevent the door from closing.
  • With the Blast Door now stuck in place, you will now want to climb the Blast Door and make your way over to the concrete platform to the west.
  • There will now be a wall in which you can destroy, go ahead and do so. The Ornament can be found on the platform just below you.


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