(HFW) Horizon Forbidden West – The Stillsands (Relic Ruins) Guide

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The Relic Ruins are optional side activities that involve solving puzzles and searching through hidden ruins. You can also uncover bonus rewards if you manage to complete the ruin too. Rewards such as Ornaments, metal bones, metal shards and more…

This specific page will be focusing on The Stillsands relic ruin.


  • This ruin can be located in the sandy regions, where the first task that you will want to do is repel yourself down into the actual ruin itself. If you haven’t already done so.
  • Locate the first crate up the nearby stairs. Push this crate into the sand below and continue pushing it towards the Firegleam.
  • Destroy the Firegleam and then push the crate through the newly revealed passage. Then use the crate to reach the above platform.
  • Up here there will be an Ancient Supply Chest and more importantly a valve, turn the valve and it will release water
  • With the water now flowing return to the crate and there will be a gap that ironically enough, is shaped big and wide enough for this crate. Push the crate into its slot and water will now engulf the room.
  • Dive underwater and swim further into the ruins. We will now be in an area with a statue and a platform above us.
  • Swim to the stairs in the north eastern corner and we will find the Store Key. Now if you were paying attention earlier you would have found a nearby door, this is what the Store Key is for.
  • Opening the door will reveal our next crate
  • We want this crate to help us get to the above platform, so you will need to use the Pullcaster in order to get it through the water.
  • Our objective is to keep pulling the crate through the water right until it arrives at the other side of the room. The Ornament can be located on the top floor of this room but we cannot reach it without the crate
  • So keep pulling the crate and once it reaches the other side use it to climbing up to the very top of the room. Here we can collect the Ornament.


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