King’s Bounty II – Dispel Rossum’s Shield (Golem – Ruins Of New Hope) Guide

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One of the many different puzzles that you will come across within King’s Bounty II involves dispelling runes and clearing the path of Golems. This specific puzzle can be found during the The Ruins Of New Hope.

You can find a simple guide on how to solve this below..

  • This is actually an optional puzzle that can be missed and ignored completely.
  • The only way you will come across this particular puzzle is if you choose to avoid the fight against the Golem during the The Ruins Of New Hope story quest
  • From there head right in order to find Rossum, this is the mage who controls these Golem
  • Here alongside Rossum you will notice a magical rune. This rune is used to solve this next puzzle.
  • Activate this lone run and at least three more runes will then appear
  • Hmm, three runes and no real hint as to how to solve this. Actually, if you look closely there is a massive hint. In fact this hint makes the whole thing really easy..
  • Anyway on top of the stairs there will be three symbols on the floor. Have we not seen these symbols before? The answer to that is yes, we have. The symbols on the stairs are the same ones inside the runes
  • So in order to solve this one you will need to activate the runes that match the symbol behind it on the stairs
  • We need to go from left to right. So start by activating the Dingir rune, since this rune matches the symbol on the left of the stairs
  • Then activate the Soet rune, since this one matches the symbol on the middle of the stairs
  • After successfully activating the final rune, go ahead and speak to Rossum
  • Rossum will then call off his Golem and allow us to pass and continue with the story..


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