King’s Bounty II – Statue Pedestal Puzzle (Cold Bones) Guide

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One of the many different puzzles that you will come across within King’s Bounty II involves lighting up a bunch of statues. This specific puzzle can be found during the Cold Bones side quest.

You can find a simple guide on how to solve this below..


  • This puzzle is part of the Cold Bones side quest and will first appear during the Ruins of New Hope story quest
  • You are required to light up the three statues but you must do so in a particular order.
  • You can read the tablet here to get a huge hint on how to complete it. The tablet reads – The highland winds are blowing. The wind from the North-West is succeeded by the wind from the South-East and the wind from the South-West. Saddle the winds! And the portal of the tower in the heart of this storm shall open to you.



Light the statue chalice to the right


Light the statue chalice to the left


Finally light the statue chalice in the middle

  • Doing this should successfully complete the puzzle. A portal will now appear and you can once again progress.


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