King’s Bounty II – Letters From The Highlands (Side Quest) Guide

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King’s Bounty II features many quests and these are usually consisting of either main story quests or side quests. With the former being mandatory to continue on with the game. The quests are also usually marked on the map

Anyway this specific page will focus on the Letters From The Highlands (Side Quest)

  • QUEST NAME: Letters From The Highlands
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • LOCATION: Bliss
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A. Read the letter
  • PREREQUISITE: Ruins of New Hope
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the deserted village of Bliss, you will be taken here through the Ruins of New Hope quest. Before meeting up with Ancel
  • From here head right and follow the stairs down into the basement
  • In here if you go behind the counter, you will find a letter
  • Picking up and reading this letter will activate the Letters From The Highlands side quest
  • We will now need to find the remaining letters, there is a total of 5 altogether


  • From the entrance to Bliss village, head left to find a tree with snow on
  • This letter can be found to the right of this tree


  • From the stairs, head right. You might bump into a wolf here but don’t worry it wont attack
  • Continue under the archways
  • This next letter can be found on the floor to the right, inside a bucket.


  • You can find this letter behind you, by the lake, from the last collectible
  • It will be inside the barrel


  • In order to find this final letter you will need to complete the Cold Bones side quest
  • This side quest will give you access to the Lake Cemetery, here you will find this final letter
  • The final letter will be sitting amongst the tombstones to the left of Berengarius
  • After successfully finding all 5 letters, report to Berengarius to end the quest


Letters From The Highlands –

  • Find all the old letters 5/5
  • Bring the letters to Berengarius


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