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The Legacies of Light’s Watch is an optional side quest within Diablo IV 4. It relates to the Knight’s Penitent and searching for the Archivist’s Journals.

We can unlock this side quest when speaking to Zalan Coste, who believes that his mother was stationed in Light’s Watch before it was abandoned.


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QUEST NAME: Legacies Of Light’s Watch

LOCATION: Margrave


QUEST GIVER: Zalan Coste

REWARDS: +20 Fractured Peaks Renown, 2,340 XP, 600 Coin.


Make your way towards the village of Margrave and we will find a man named Zalan Coste. Who seems to be injured. Tell him that ‘You’re injured. Do you need help?’

Zalan Coste will mention that he was a fool for trying to sneak into the Light’s Watch outpost. That the place is also overrun by demons. He will mention his mother, Soliana, once being stationed there.

Our task now is to search for the Archivist’s Journal. There are three in total and they can all be found over at the Light’s Watch. Which is to the north.


Once inside the Light’s Watch we can then begin our search for the Archivist’s Journals. This place is swarmed with various different demons, including the Firebrands, Marauders, and Slicers.


Make your way through the Light’s Watch, eliminating any enemies in your way. Keep to the western section of the map. When you reach the Storm Wargs and the Watchman’s Gate, proceed and head to the left. Do not access the gate just yet.

Here we will encounter the Volkodlak. A large white werewolf type creature. Then continue on and through the door. Our first journal can be found here. It will be located on a small pedestal.


Continue up the stairs and eliminate the Firebrand and Slicer. The Marauders that are just beyond that has the potential to drop a Leather Doublet. There is also a treasure chest here too.

Head down the stairs to confront a slightly more powerful beast known as a Shocking Volkodlak. It has the ability to stun your character, leaving you vulnerable to open attacks. Even for just a brief period of time.

The Shocking Volkodlak can also cast stationary orbs that, when close enough, can inflict electrical damage. The beast can conjure up to a total of four of these orbs at any given time.


Heading back outside once again and we will encounter another dangerous foe, the Grek Grauk (Watchman). Who can also conjure these electrical stationary orbs. To make matters even more difficult the Grek Grauk can also conjure another, somewhat less threatening attack. Which basically acts like a kind of wall of wind. Once defeated the Grauk can drop a Strider’s Handwraps.

Continue to follow the outside balcony and we will encounter more of the regular, normal, Volkodlak. In one of the small side rooms there will be a fallen Slain Villager. Inspect them to find an Unsent Letter. This is not related to the actual side quest but can add towards the general game lore. As well as giving us a bonus 2,639 XP.

Backtrack inside and return to the Watchman’s Gate. Now that we have explored the western side of the Light’s Watch outpost, we should focus on exploring the more eastern side. We also need to still find the key for that aforenamed gate too

Continue on and we will come across our first Protection Shrine, which will make us temporarily invulnerable. Continue on through the next few following rooms. Then once at the top of the stairs head through the door. Here we will find our next journal and pedestal.


We will also come across our second Watchman (Rak Hunde). Who is able to cast various stone walls that will temporarily block us. Alongside that Rak is also able to conjure several Fire Orbs. These orbs have a large area of effect (aoe). The more ground it covers the bigger the explosion it will then create. Causing damage to anyone who may still be inside of this area.


Now that both of the Watchmen have been defeated (Rak Hunde and Grek Grauk), this will automatically cause the Watchman Lead (Sou) to appear. This beast has our Watchman’s Key for the gate we came across earlier.

Sou mainly uses melee attacks but they can also cast ranged attacks too. Which will usually consist of a red lightning strike from the skies above.

Before making your way back to the gate be sure to head up the stairs, to where Rak Hunde was first located. Here we will find our second journal.


Return back to the Watchman’s Gate. As soon as you unlock the door we will be ambushed by several Storm Wargs and Marauders.

Continue on and we will confront a rather large wave of Bloodthirsty Prowlers, Shocking Prowlers and Volkodlaks. In the room just next to this one is yet more Marauders and Storm Wargs. However, this time they have been joined by a Dreadful Arsonist.

The Dreadful Arsonist has the ability to cast red runes onto the floor. They do not last long but if you are in its area of effect, you are likely to take damage.

Continue on and we will be taken back outside once again. To a location known as Light’s Blind. Where Blood Magus reside. Along with our next Protect Shrine (activating this one will cause periodic damage to any nearby enemy targets).

For the most part this path is rather linear, so just keep following it. At first it will head in a north direction before then taking a more easterly direction.

We will eventually confront a Shattering Prowler, who will be accompanied by its Storm Warg minions. As its name suggests the Shattering Prowler is capable of casting ice elemental attacks and (AOE) attacks across the ground.

Once you have confronting the ‘iced beast’ the final Archivist Journal will be located nearby.


After managing to acquire all three Archivist Journals we can then proceed and return back to Zalan Coste to complete the side quest.

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