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Diablo 4 Traveler’s Prayer is a side quest. It is quite a simple one that basically requires us to ‘give thanks at the shrine’. A simple task and there are no real bosses involved.

It is also one of the first quests that you can find and complete within Diablo IV.


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QUEST NAME: Traveller’s Prayer



QUEST GIVER: N/A (Read the Pilgrim’s Letter)



Head to Yelesna, which is south east of Kyovashad. Yelesna is a nice little village. Home to blacksmiths and other such side quests. One of which includes the Unyielding Flesh

Anyway to proceed with the ‘Traveller’s Prayer’ make your way east of the village to The Hog’s Head. Which is basically the village tavern.

Whilst inside the tavern there will be a note on the small bench here. The Pilgrim’s Letter, that has been discarded. It states that they went on a pilgrimage and gave thanks to an offroad shrine. Our job now is to do exactly that. Find this offroad shrine and give thanks.


If you check your map you will find that the offroad shrine is located north of the Yelesna village. So head in that direction, passing through Zeleny Lowlands as we continue on.

There may be quite a few Ghouls waiting for us along the way. They may come in quantity but they are overall rather weak. They are the minions of this specific region.

We will eventually arrive at The Murmuring Mill, which is where the shrine is located.


The shrine itself is located at a rather deserted area. Meaning it is an isolated structure. It also resembles more of a message board, with small notes etched on to it. Alongside a lamp.

Locate it and begin to ‘give thanks’. It may seem a bit odd and perhaps bizarre too. Considering most side quests consist of taking down an enemy boss of some kind. However, this is all there is to it.

To actually perform the ‘give thanks’ at the shrine emote and to complete the side quest, all you need to do is use the directional pad on the controller. More specifically the UP directional button. This will present us with many different emotes that we can use.

From being able to say ‘Hello’ to even being able to invite other players to join a party group. However, what we need is on the next option wheel, so press the ‘L1’ button to navigate over to the next section of options. Here we will have the option of ‘Thanks’. This will then generate the ‘give thanks’ to the shrine pose or animation.

This completes the Diablo 4 Traveler’s Prayer side quest.

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