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Unyielding Flesh is a Diablo IV 4 side quest. Which requires us to help Krystyna find her lost husband, Feodor. Who was last seen fleeing into the woods with another woman.

The quest itself can be collected over at Yelesna, which is a village by the Zeleny Lowlands.


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QUEST NAME: Unyielding Flesh




REWARDS: Fine Dagger, +20 Fractured Peaks Renown, 1,289XP, 520 Coin.


Find and speak with Krystyna who will be standing near the message board. Tell her that she looks troubled. To begin the quest.

We will now learn that her husband, Feodor, left home during the middle of the night. He was also heard speaking with another woman. Kyrstyna will now accompany us.

Make your way south west of the map, passing through Zeleny Lowlands and Gnarled Timbers. You will more than likely run into a pack of Ghouls along the way.

When you reach the blue zone, marked on the map, proceed to the western section to find Feodor with his ‘new partner’.


As Feodor is tied up the woman he was with will run off. Give chase and we will quickly learn that she was never his woman. In fact she is not even human. She will now introduce herself as ‘Yulia the Hellbound’.

Yulia is capable of throwing fiery projectiles around the area. As well as setting up totems which can also inflict damage. Occasionally she will also release a ‘stone structure’ which, when close, can chain your character so that you cannot move around as freely any more. However, this stone structure can be destroyed after a given time.

Upon death the Hellbound woman can drop a Shortsword as well as gold coins. From there proceed back to Feodor and his actual wife. Who is feeling rather emotional regarding the mess her husband has gotten himself into.

Tell Kyrstyna that the task is now complete and take the dagger from Feodor (Fine Dagger)

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