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One of the best new features of Spider-Man 2 is Spider-Man’s suit tech upgrades. This mechanic allows you to upgrade your character in certain areas, helping you to lean into your own specific play style. However, actually unlocking these suit tech upgrades is much more difficult than you might first imagine. Keep reading to find out exactly how to unlock every suit tech upgrade in the game.


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What are Spider-Man’s Suit Tech Upgrades?

Spider-Man’s Suit Tech Upgrades are pretty much what you’d expect- small purchasable upgrades that will improve your character’s stats in a specific area. They’re very similar to the Suit Mods that we saw in Spider-Man 1, and are one of the best investments you can make in the entire game.

What’s also interesting is that these upgrades are shared between both Peter and Miles. So you’re essentially getting two upgrades for the price of one whenever you buy a suit tech upgrade.

These suit tech upgrades are divided into four trees, all of which focus on a different aspect of your character. The trees are as follows:

  • Health. This tree is made up of upgrades focusing on Spider-Man’s health stat. The upgrades will increase your overall health pool, increase damage resistance, and even give you a few active healing abilities.
  • Damage. This tree is much more aggressive, focusing on your ability to deal damage to your enemies. Beyond increasing your base damage, this tree opens up a variety of new moves to use.
  • Focus. The focus tree ‘focuses’ on your focus bar. The upgrades will improve your overall ability to generate focus, making you an all-around deadlier opponent to face.
  • Traversal. Finally, the traversal skill tree improves your movement and ability to evade attackers. The Suit Tech Upgrades in this tree will improve your speed, web handling, and acrobatics skills considerably.
Spider-Man's Suit Tech Upgrades

All of Spider-Man’s Suit Tech Upgrades

Here’s a list of all of Spider-Man’s Suit Tech Upgrades, divided into their distinct trees. 

Health Suit Upgrades

The Health Suit Tech Upgrades are:

  • Amazing Health 1.
  • Amazing Health 2.
  • Confidence Boost.
  • Rejuvenating Parry.
  • Spectacular Health 1.
  • Spectacular Health 2.
  • The Best Defense.
  • Life Link.
  • Ultimate Health 1.
  • Ultimate Health 2.

Damage Suit Upgrades

Spider-Man’s Damage Suit Tech Upgrades are:

  • Amazing Damage 1.
  • Amazing Damage 2.
  • Air Marshal.
  • Focused Parry. 
  • Spectacular Damage 1.
  • Spectacular Damage 2.
  • Combo King.
  • The Floor is Lava.
  • Ultimate Damage 1.
  • Ultimate Damage 2.

Focus Suit Upgrades

The Focus Suit Tech Upgrades are:

  • Webbed Focus.
  • Double Focus.
  • Focused Strike.
  • Target Acquisition.
  • Stealth Focus. Triple Focus.
  • Perfect Sight. 
  • Eyes of Target.
  • Healing Focus.
  • Aerial Focus.

Traversal Suit Upgrades

Finally, Spider-Man’s Traversal Suit Tech Upgrades are:

  • Amazing Wings.
  • Amazing Launch. 
  • Acrobat.
  • Charged.
  • Spectacular Swing.
  • Spectacular Wings.
  • All Seeing.
  • Active Spider.
  • Ultimate Wings.
  • Ultimate Swing.

How to Unlock Spider-Man’s Suit Tech Upgrades

To unlock Spider-Man’s Suit tech upgrades, all you need to do is purchase them using City Tokens, Tech Parts, and Hero Tokens. Therefore, it might seem pretty easy to unlock all the upgrades. However, the sheer number of resources you’ll need to acquire is going to require some serious farming. 

To unlock all health suit upgrades, you need the following:

  • 140 Tech Parts.
  • 8 City Tokens.
  • 12 Rare Tech Parts.
  • 28 Hero Tokens.

Next, to unlock all Damage-based Upgrades, you’ll need the following:

  • 160 Tech Parts.
  • 12 City Tokens.
  • 15 Rare Tech Parts.
  • 24 Hero Tokens.

To unlock all of Spider-Man’s Focus Suit Tech Upgrades requires the following materials:

  • 160 Tech Parts.
  • 16 City Tokens.
  • 14 Rare Tech Parts.
  • 22 Hero Tokens.

Finally, to unlock all Traveral Suit Tech Upgrades, you’ll need the following:

  • 160 Tech Parts.
  • 8 City Tokens.
  • 12 Rare Tech Parts.
  • 20 Hero Tokens. 

It’s going to take you a long time to gather all of these resources. But, the effort is definitely worth it!

Fully Loaded Trophy Achievement

Purchasing all of Spider-Man’s Suit Tech Upgrades comes with another benefit- you’ll unlock the Fully Loaded trophy achievement. This is worth a bronze trophy and is overall much easier to complete than similar achievements like Kitted Out, which requires you to purchase every suit in the game.

If you’re not interested in 100% completing Spider-Man 2, then there isn’t much point in purchasing every single Suit Tech Upgrade. Rather, you should just buy the ones that you want to use. 

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