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After the 8th main quest in Spiderman 2, our ”webbed hero” Spiderman figures out Kraven’s cloaking technology and gains access to the side activity for Hunter Blinds and Hunter Bases.

Hunter Blinds are small rooftop outposts. There are 11 in total with 2-3 in an area. Once you have taken them out you’ll get all the information and the location of a Hunter Base.

There are only 4 bases in total.


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Hunter Base 1 – Harlem

Hunter Base Location in Harlem

The Hunter Base in Harlem stores the hunter vehicles. From the Blinds you obtained information about the position of their communications relay and sabotage weaknesses.

The actual base is in the top north-east of Harlem in an abandoned school.

You can go into this guns blazing but I highly suggest keeping your patients and making use of stealth. The communications relay is in what was probably the old school pool. You should take it out as soon as possible.

The best way to do this it to take out a few of the snipers on the roof. This may spook the ones below but it gives you less chance of getting spotted. Enemies outside will be spooked by this. I would suggest hopping in a skylight and seeing if there is anyone else you can pick off inside. Once you’ve cleared as many as you can pull out the marked wires but that will alert people. You can run away to the rooftops and wait out the alert if you want to get stealth back.

Once you have taken out the wires you will need to take out all the other hunters. If you have not bothered with the communications relay there will be reinforcements and they can call reinforcements more than once. There will be a lot of bullets flying. It won’t be easy guns blazing so you may want to keep dipping in and out, using stealth to lower their numbers.

Once you’ve beaten them all up, you’ll be able to use a vent to enter a room on the east part of the building and get some more data on the hunters.

Hunter Base 2 – Upper West Side

The next hunter base is in an abandoned hotel in the Upper West side. This base is used to store their weapons.

Very much like the last base it’s best to start out taking out the snipers and work you down vis stealth. However the best part about this base is if you get spotted on the roof then the whole base doesn’t come after you. Most of the ones inside will stay there so you can clear out the roof pretty easily. Once you have pulled the wire on the roof.

You’ll find that a lot of your targets here are in one of the building towers and there is not obvious way in. Swing around the building and you will find two vents that lead to rooms with the wires you need to pull in. Keep an eye out as one of these rooms also have the communications relay you can take out.

Once you’ve done that you can focus on taking out the enemies in whatever style you, please.

Hunter Base 3 – Financial District

Financial District Symbiote Hunter Base

The third Hunter Base is underground in the Financial District. You’ll need to clam down pipes to find it. The goal for this one, rather than pulling out wires is to get an herbicide into the sprinkler system and kill off whatever plants they are making.

Despite this not having as many places to hide sue to not bien as open the hunters still have the fatal flaw of not looking up so as long as you keep to the ceiling you can get around pretty easily without being spotted. You can get one of the valves you need to turn pretty easily this way but the rest are going to be tricky without getting caught. Be sure to prioritise the communications relay.

After that you can clear the base but you should watch out for poison grenades likely made with the plants in the base.

Once you’ve taken out a good number you can run and get the last of the vales.

Hunter Base 4 – Downtown Brooklyn

The final base is in downtown Brooklyn and houses and maintains the hunters bird drones. There are no enemies on the roof of this are so you’ll have to go in to start the mission. Once in, like the others you will want to prioritise the communications relay but sneaking around will be hard with the bird drones flying about.

There is a sniper on the east side of the building to worry about and after that you need to worry about the drones themselves. This one is also a bit more complicated than simply turning a valve or pulling wires, you’ll need to use your webs to connect a power supply to the bird’s charging stations.

Most of them have obvious route but when you do one the base will be alerted. You’ve heard me say it a lot but take out that relay.

Once you’ve taken out the Relay you can clear the base and hook up the birds in peace.

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