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As Kraven and his hunters move into New York of Spiderman 2, they set up outposts throughout the city called Hunter Blinds. There Blinds are small rooftop bases that seem to serve the purpose as lookouts. During the 8th main quest spiderman will discover the cloaking tech and find a way to see the strange distortions they show making blinds much easier to find.

Beating each one of these Hunter Blinds allow Peter or Miles to gather information about the hunters’ bases. Everything from the location of the base to the best places to sabotage to cause the hunters the most trouble possible.


Hunter Bases
Brooklyn Visions
Flame Missions

What Are Hunter Blinds?

All the Hunter Blinds are pretty much the same bar 1. You need to locate the Blind and swing in a deal with the enemies. You can use combat or stealth to do this but they do have a chance of calling reinforcements if you go in guns blazing.

Once you have defeated the enemies you will find a mecha bird somewhere to hack into to get information. You will need to move the cursor around the holographic map it shows to reveal points of interest.

How many Hunter Blinds Are There?

There are a total of 11 Hunter Blinds that lead to 4 Bases. These Blinds are in groups of 2 or 3 and you have to take out all the Blinds in an area before you can take out the Base.

Where are the Hunter Blinds?


Where to find the Harlem Hunter Blind in Spiderman 2

Harlem is the first are you find Hunter Blinds and so they are all pretty easy to deal with. The first will have 1 item to select on the Bird’s hologram, the second will have 3 and the last will have 1 and lead you to the Base location in Harlem.

The Blinds reveal that the Harlem Base is storage for the Hunter Vehicles. Luckily, this doesn’t change anything about the Blinds as the vehicles wouldn’t work too well on a rooftop.

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side Is very similar to Harlem. It has three hunter blinds that will lead you to a base. Once again, the first bird will have one item to find, the second will have 3 and the last will have 1 and give you the location of the base.

These Blinds are a little bit trickier. Since these blinds lead you to the Hunters armoury there have a lot of weapons in including robot dogs. You’ll need to keep an eye out for dodging rockets and bullets.

Financial District

The location to the Financial District Hunter Blind

Although the Financial District also has three blinds that lead to a base it breaks the mold with it’s with it’s middle base. When you swing in you won’t be greeted by the usual goons but a large number of lasers instead.

There is a sheltered section in the south-east corner of the building. Make sure to take out the birdy drones before jumping down to enter that section. Dodge the lasers to get in and pull a box off the wall to disable the lasers.

Everything else is pretty much the same as the rest. The first bird has 1 thing to select, the second only has 2 and the last has 1, leading you to the base.

Downtown Brooklyn

Last but not least, is Downtown Brooklyn with only two Hunter Blinds before the base. The first bird has 3 items to select and the second just has one.

The only thing about these blinds is that they splice in the bird drone mechs which make them more challenging to stealth. The first is all right as the drones are perched on light fixtures around the base so if you can target them quickly, they won’t be too much of a problem. The second base is much more challenging and the birds are likely to catch you. Make sure you have brushed up on your combat skills for that one.

And that is the location of all the Blinds. They are mostly similar and a fun challenge to take on around the city. Each of the Bases they lead to have their own specialisation and ways to take down and now Spiderman is aware of that thanks to the information from the blinds.

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