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All Brooklyn Visions Missions – Spiderman 2

During the 6th main story mission in Spiderman 2, Amends. Miles will have the chance to help his fellow students at the Brooklyn Visions academy. You have to do the first to unlock the other three and the last unlocks after doing the rest.

Surprisingly with a name like ‘Brooklyn Visions’ they are not all in Brooklyn.


EMF Experiments
Hunter Blinds

Brooklyn Visions 1 – BV Club Fair

The first, called BV Club Fair is actually in Williamsburg to the east. To activate the mission, head to the academy and pick up Miles’ backpack.

THE BV Club Fair Brooklyn Visions. Spiderman 2

As a normal Miles you’ll meet up with your friends only to be distracted by hero business. It’ll stop you at a fence. Walk between the two closest booths and squeeze through the middle. You’ll be able to follow it around and through a gap in the fence to hear better.

After a cutscene you will be spiderman’d up again and ready to track down the missing person. Use your scan to find your destination then swing on over. You’ll come to an area with goons that you are best using stealth for.

Once the enemy is down scan to find out the person you are looking for is in the warehouse. Jump on top to see her through the skylight. Use a takedown to take out the one guard and after freeing the hostage you’ll be cutscened into a brawl outside.

Once they are down, head back to the hostage and swing your way back to the BV Club Fair. Enjoy the cutscene for the first Brooklyn visions mission complete.

Brooklyn Visions 2 – Homecoming

There is a second Brooklyn Visions mission in the north of Williamsburg called Homecoming. At the marker you’ll find the quest giver and you’ll be helping them with some generator issues. Swing you over to the quest marker.

You’ll find the generator delivery man being attacked, save him from the goon and since a fight can never just be one person in this city, more appear. Once you have beaten them talk to the person you saved.

Sadly, you won’t be able to deliver the generator but your quest giver calls you back for plan B. Once you have spoken to them, jump up onto the roof and scan a generator. Once scanned give it a punch. When activated you next job will be to use your webbing as wire and connect up the yellow power nodes. After you connect the second node you will notice a lit-up wire in the building that will lead you down to the next node closer to where you need. Connect the next to and there will be another highlighted wire that will bring you much closer to where you need it. Connect the last two and after talking with the person, jump up and watch the show.

Follow the person’s instructions until the end of the mission.

Brooklyn Visions 3 – Senior Prank

Once again in Williamsburg around the academy you’ll fine this mission near the basketball courts. After talking to the mission givers swing you over to Midtown.

At the first checkpoint there will be a light puzzle. Use you webs to position the mirrors as needed and break the box in the way.

Once Spiderman has figured out the next location go there for another light puzzle. This one is also fairly simple but it starts with spinning the light source itself. Following the path and pulling everything your can will solve the puzzle easily.

The light puzzle at the last location is a bit more trickly, there are two paths the light can take, the red and the blue. You’ll need to light up to get all the information but one at a time. Pick either and make the light hit the same colour mirrors. Purple mirrors can be used for each and help helpful marking below them to help you follow the correct path.

In the last area you can use your webs to open up an area and find who you are looking for, pick them up the swing back to the academy. With that the mission is complete.

Brooklyn Visions 4 – Lights, Camera, Action

Again at the academy the mission givers will ask you for help finding a drone. Head to the mission marker and interact with the drone. You next objective will be to take a photo of the academy. Best angle is on the corner of the building.

Lights Camera Action Brooklyn Visions Spiderman 2

After they ask for more photos. Swing to the two other tall buildings around the academy and take the photos. After that you will be asked for some photos around the academy. Head to each spot and snap a pic.

The last thing they need is a video com campus. You’ll need to follow the drone without touching the ground. It can be quick tricky as the drone turns quickly. I would not be surprised if it took a few tries but with that its mission complete.

Brooklyn Visions 5 – A Gift

The last Brooklyn Visions mission isn’t much of a mission. You can simply go to the roof once you have done all of the missions and pick up a new suit that the students made you as thanks for helping them out.

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