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Spider-Man 2 is full of interesting side missions, such as EMF experiments, that will keep you occupied for hours. However, completing these experiments is much easier said than done. Keep reading to find out how to complete every EMF experiment in Spider-Man 2.


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What Are EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2?

EMF experiments are small-scale side missions in Spider-Man 2, designed to bolster Peter and Harry’s Emily-May foundation.

There are three different types of EMF experiments (Energy, Plant, and Bee Drones), each of which requires different skills to complete. 

Once you complete the eight core experiments, you will unlock the final experiment.

All EMF Experiments

Here is a list of all the EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2. You can refer back to this list to track your progress:

  • Central Park (Energy Experiment)
  • Brooklyn Heights (Energy Experiment)
  • Little Tokyo (Plant Science Experiment)
  • Portside (Plant Science Experiment)
  • Two Bridges (Plant Science Experiment)
  • Central Park (Bee Drones Experiment)
  • Queens Apiary (Bee Drones Experiment)
  • Prospect Park (Bee Drones Experiment)
  • Emily-May Foundation (Finale)
EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2

How to Solve the Experiments

Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can solve every EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2.

Energy EMF Experiments

To solve the Energy EMG Experiments, follow these steps:

  • Central Park. To complete this experiment, you first need to grab a bike and ride it past each checkpoint. You need to beat the clock to successfully complete the circuit. When you’re finished, return the bike to the charging station, and you’ll successfully complete this experiment. 
  • Brooklyn Heights. This experiment involves you deploying several turbines across Brooklyn. To do this, go to the marked location on your map and use the wind stream to gain the required altitude. From here, deploy each turbine as instructed, defend them from a couple of waves of attackers, and you’ll successfully complete the experiment. 

Plant Science Experiment

To complete all of the Plant Science EMF experiments, follow these steps:

  • Little Tokyo. To complete this experiment, you need to find three plant specimens across Little Tokyo. The first is located on the west side of the roof of FEAST. The next one is on the east wall, and the final one can be found on the building’s southernmost wall. Once you’ve collected the specimens, return to the EMF kiosk to modify them. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll need to patch up several leaks in a nearby water tower, which you can do by using your Web-Shooters.
  • Portside. To complete this experiment, you’ll need to catch a fish in the ocean, and then take it back to the EMF kiosk to run several samples. From here, complete the puzzles and you’ll be able to move on to the final Plant Science Experiment. 
  • Two Bridges. Finally, to complete Two Bridges, grab the plant samples from the greenhouse located on your minimap. Then bring them back to the Kiosk and complete the puzzle, before defending off a few waves of attackers.

Bee Drones Experiments

Once you complete the Plant Science EMF Experiments, you can move on to the Bee Dones experiments:

  • Central Park. To complete this experiment, all you need to do is successfully maneuver a Bee Drone through a series of holographic targets that appear throughout Central Park.
  • Queens Apiary. Completing this experiment requires you to take out a number of holographic enemies with a bee drone. During this time, you’ll be attacked by a bird, so make sure to chase it away by switching to Sonic Mode.
  • Prospect Park. Finally, to complete this experiment, you are required to maneuver a drone through a series of targets and take out some enemies. At some point, you will also need to take out a group of criminals trying to steal the drone. 

Final EMF Experiment

To complete the final EMF experiment, you will first need to complete the main story. Once you’ve done this, head to Peter’s Garage. Inside the garage, you will find a thumb drive. Plug this drive into your EMF kiosk, solve the puzzle, and you’ll complete the final experiment!

Foundation Trophy Achievement

It’s also worth noting that, upon completing all of the EMF experiments in Spider-Man 2, you will be rewarded with the ‘Foundation’ trophy achievement. This is worth a silver trophy and is necessary to unlock if you want to 100% complete Spider-Man 2.

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