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All Symbiote Nests – Spiderman 2

Unlocked after the 26th main quest in Spiderman 2 is the side activity Symbiote Nests. After encountering Venom he leaves a trail in his wake and Spiderman needs to deal with them. You’ll find the around the city, covering areas in Venom’s corruption.


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How To Deal With A Symbiote Nest

To get rid of a Symbiote Nests Spiderman needs to place a sonic bomb on the large pulsing red centres you find. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be attacked by Symbiotes and you’ll need to defend the sonic bomb for 1:30-2 minutes until it goes off. The bon integrity is shown at the top of the screen.

Your Enemies

The most common symbiotes you’ll be facing some on three varieties. Green, Yellow and Purple.

Purple are ranged, you won’t find them running towards your target but they may snipe from a distance. If one is annoying your make sure you run back as greens and yellows will move in otherwise.

Yellows are what I would call a close ranges standard enemy that closely resemble normal thugs though they are pretty tough.

Greens are speedy, they run around on all fours and are the most likely to slip past you to do damage to the bomb however as a trade off the go down a bit easier.

Which Spiderman?

Normally for a combat challenge like this I would suggest Miles as he has more multi target hits but Peter is better off here as he has more gadgets that are specifically designed to deal with symbiotes and once he has his own Symbiote powers he catches up to Miles in destructive power.

Where are the Symbiote Nests

Symbiote Nest 1 – Harlem

The first Symbiote Nest is will be brought to you as part of the main story. These are tough later game side activities so the enemies that appear are hard. Since there is only a time limit and a thing to defend you shouldn’t try too hard to defeat the enemies. The key is to prioritize staying alive and defence. Miles has a lot of knock back abilities that will help you in this case.

Symbiote Nest 2 – Harlem

Harlem Symbiote Nest Location

The second Symbiote Nest is also in Harlem like the first. This one is in the east. Set you bomb down and last 1:20 seconds against a variety of Symbiote enemies.

Symbiote Nest 3 – Upper East Side

The third symbiote Nest is located in the north of the Upper East Side. The area has two red targets but you still only need to set one bomb. You should also watch out for a larger Black enemy on this one. If you stay close to the target and make sure of aoe you should be able to knock off any smaller enemies from the bomb and be able to focus on the larger target. Don’t let him lure you away for too long.

At the very least the large target will not go after the bomb. It solely exists to distract you.

Symbiote Nest 4 – Upper East Side

On the east of the Upper East side there will be another location with two cores. However this time you will need to set two bombs as the two cores are pretty far away from each other. At least in this area there are only two entrances. You’ll need to flip back and forth between the two to make sure that the two cores stay safe. Your priority will need to be defence, only love tapping anything you can in between running between the two.

Symbiote Nest 5 – Upper West Side

On eth west of the Upper West Side there is the 5th Symbiote Nest on an abandoned railway. This one seems a bit easier than the last, as there is only one core and only two ways the enemies can come from.

Symbiote Nest 6 – Financial District

In the north of the Financial District you’ll find another nest with two cores. The cores are a bit closer together than the one in the Upper East side but you will sill have to place two bombs. And not only will you be running up and down defending them there will also be a large Black enemy. Be prepared for a challenge.

Symbiote Nest 7 – Chinatown

In the south-east of Chinatown in the seventh Symbiote Nest. When you arrive there will be a car on top of the core you will need to move first before placing the bomb. Luckily, this time there is only one core but you will be besieged by the large black symbiote rather quickly.

Symbiote Nest 8 – Williamsburg

The Williamsburg Symbiote Nest

Near the centre of Williamsburg you’ll find the eighth Nest. There is only one core to this nest but it is in the middle of an intersection. Enemies can come from a lot of directions. The bets tactic is to stay in the middle as much as you can and not let yourself be lured out for long.

Symbiote Nest 9 – Little Odessa

The ninth Symbiote Nest is in the south of Little Odessa. When you first approach the core, it will relocate. It won’t run away again and you’ll be able to place the bomb. The core will keep moving throughout the fight do you’ll need to keep aware of where you are defending. Luckily, spiderman is pretty good at complaining each time it moves so he’ll let you know when you need to take a moment to reorient yourself.

Symbiote Nest 10 – Astoria

Where to find the Symbiote Nest in Astoria

The last Symbiote Nest is in the east of Astoria. This one has two cores and has made a piece of woodland super creepy. This is also one of the most open areas we have seen to you’ll need to keep an eye out on all directions.

Congrats though, after that you have cleared one of the toughest pieces of side content this game has to offer.

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