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Spiderman 2 has a bunch of side content and collectibles filling it’s fictional New York and one of these are the Unidentified Targets. One of the later side activities to pop up. During the 18th main quest Miles will find one of Kraven’s drones and chase it so that it stops tracking Kraven’s next hunt target.


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How to take down an Unidentified Target.

You would think with a name like Unidentified Target that this would be some kind a sleuthing mission but it’s not. It’s actually a rather tricky chase sequence. Spiderman will grab onto the drone and you’ll need to use your web wings to keep in its slipstream until you have the data you need. The drone will drop bombs, forcing you to dodge and once you reach 100% download, spiderman will automatically take out the drone.

Where are the Unidentified Targets?

Unidentified Target 1 – Harlem

The first is in Harlem and you will do it as part of the 18th story quest ‘Wings of my Own’.

Unidentified Target 2 – Chinatown

Where to find the Unidentified Target in Spiderman 2 Chinatown

The second Unidentified Target is in north-west Chinatown. The Transmitters you need to start the action is hidden in an air conditioning unit on the north-east of the building.

The course of this Drone starts with some sharp turns and uses its bombs to fly through a building, after that it will glide near some buildings that can thrown you off so be careful and veer away if you can. After that it will be back to the sharp turns.

Unidentified Target 3 – Financial District

The third Unidentified Target is in the south of the Financial District. The transmitter will be hidden in the south-west corner of the rooftop.

The course of this bird is a bit simpler but after flying through a building backup drones will attack you; they will lock onto you so you’ll need to dodge at the last second not to get knocked out of the slipstream. Keep an eye out for a triangle prompt to get rid of the other bird and continue with the data download.

Unidentified Target 4 – Midtown

In the south-west of Midtown you’ll find the transmitter hidden on the north-east corner of the building.

The bird’s course is very similar to the first. It will drop bombs in the slipstream that force you to dodge with the odd tight corner to add some challenge but generally a little easier that the last 2.

Unidentified Target 5 – Upper East Side

In the south of the Upper East Side, You’ll find the transmitter on the west side of the highest point of the roof.

This course for this bird isn’t too challenging but to make up for it not only does it drop bombs like the last one but also has a small bird back up too. Do you best to avoid both and keep an eye out for the button prompt to take out the back up.

Unidentified Target 6 – Upper West Side

Slap bang in the middle of the Upper West Side, you’ll find the transmitter hidden on the north-west side of the building.

This bird doesn’t really fight back but attempts to out manoeuvre you. It’ll try some tight turns and take you through buildings and tunnels. A simple test of skill compared to the others so far.

Unidentified Target 7 – Williamsburg

Williamsburg Spiderman 2 unidentified target

The seventh Unidentified Target is on the Williamsburg Bridge, the transmitter isn’t even hidden.

This bird is closer to the one from the Upper East Side and not only throws bombs but has a back-up bird. Its course isn’t too easy either, it will tight turn you and has a lot of up and down. It’s a challenging course.

Unidentified Target 8 – Downtown Queens

Unidentified Target 8 is pretty much in the North of Downtown Queens. The transmitter isn’t hidden and is on the south-east side of the building.

As expected for the second to last bird this one is the most challenging. The course has some tight turns, it will throw bombs and rather than having a backup fire at you, it will so there is no way to get rid of the extra fire.

There is a good chance you will fall out of the slip stream at one point during this one. Don’t panic, just try to catch up and get back in. Spiderman’s traversal momentum is hard to stop so you’ll have time to recover.

Unidentified Target 9 – Midtown

The location to the Unidentified target in Midtown Spiderman 2

Once you have done all the other targets the last one will appear in north-east Midtown. The transmitter you are looking for is on the north-east of the rooftop.

Once there Spiderman will find where the target, they are looking for is and find out hunters are on the way. Swing over to the next destination asap. When you arrive the hunters will already be there, take them out with stealth or combat.

After dealing with them, head up to the roof and enter the building via the skylight. Once in, heat to the kitchen and scan the martini on the counter, then go to the chessboard on the coffee table and scan that.

A hidden door will open and you’ll need to head down. When down, scan the spiderman mask and listen to the monologue. After, interact with the mask then go through the door that opens. Investigate the room until gas starts to fill the room. Pull open the door. Spiderman may stop to cough but just try again after.

Once you are up the stairs it will be mission complete.

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