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In Spider-Man 2, both Peter and Miles have their own sets of unique abilities, with Peter’s being known as ‘Spider-Arm Abilities’. These unique moves make up some of the strongest abilities in Peter’s set, but the game never really shows you how to make full use of them. So, read on to find out how to use Peter’s abilities to their full potential.


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What Are Spider-Arm Abilities?

Spider-Arm abilities are a set of unique abilities that are only available to Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2. If you’ve ever watched the MCU’s rendition of Spider-Man, you’ll be familiar with the Spider Arms that come out of Peter’s Iron Suit to help him out in tight situations. Well, Spider-Arm abilities function in a very similar way, in the sense that when you use an ability, a set of four metal arms will emerge from your back and obliterate your enemies. 

They are essentially the equivalent of Miles’ Evolved Venom abilities for Peter. And as you progress through the story, you will unlock more and more Spider-Arm abilities to add to your arsenal. There are 4 to unlock in total. 

To use a Spider-Arm ability, simply press L1 and then press either X, Circle, or Triangle depending on the ability that you wish to use.

Spider-Arm Abilities Spider-Man 2

List of All Spider-Arm Abilities in Spider-Man 2

Here is a full list of all the Spider-Arm abilities available to Peter in Spider-Man 2:

  • Spider-Barrage. Unleashes a flurry of Spider-Arm attacks to damage a single enemy.
  • Spider-Rush. Propels your character forward, damaging any enemy in your path.
  • Spider Shock. Shocks enemies with electrified web lines. This electrification makes them vulnerable to normal attacks.
  • Spider Whiplash. Lifts enemies up into the air, making them vulnerable to attacks. This ability can even be used on Brutes.

These Spider-Arm abilities shouldn’t be confused with Peter’s symbiote abilities, which are also unlocked as you progress through the main story. 

Peter’s symbiote abilities are:

  • Anti-Venom. Launches symbiote spikes in all directions to crowd-control and damage enemies.
  • Anti-Venom Bomb. Creates a massive symbiote bomb that explodes on impact, damaging any enemy caught in the blast radius.
  • Anti-Venom Punch. Unleashes a tentacle punch that knocks enemies back and can even stick them to nearby walls.
  • Anti-Venom Strike. Launches your character into the air before dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Anti-Venom Tempest. Unleashes a flurry of symbiote tentacles that damage any nearby enemies.
  • Anti-Venom Yank. Grabs several enemies, pulling them towards you for melee strikes. 

Armed and Dangerous Trophy Achievement

Spider-Arm abilities are pretty strong in their own right, and you should mix them into your playstyle if you’re not already. However, beyond being powerful, there is another important reason why you need to use them frequently- using these abilities is necessary to 100% complete Spider-Man 2.

The ‘Armed and Dangerous’ trophy achievement requires you to take out 100 enemies with Spider-Arm abilities. It’s worth a silver trophy, and follows the same premise as ‘Evolved’.

The best strategy to unlock this achievement is to soften enemies up with regular attacks, and then finish them off with a Spider-Arm ability. If you only use Spider-Arm abilities to take out enemies, this achievement is going to take forever, because they don’t tend to do loads of upfront damage. But, if you use them in tandem with your other abilities, you’ll complete Armed and Dangerous in no time!

How Good Are Spider-Arm Abilities?

Another question that may be on your mind is how well Spider-Arm abilities stack up next to Peter’s symbiote abilities.

Unfortunately, Spider-Arm abilities just aren’t as powerful as most of the symbiote abilities. Generally, symbiote abilities output more damage than Spider-Arm alternatives, and are a little more versatile. 

Having said that, there are two Spider-Arm options that are just as powerful as Peter’s Symbiote selection. The first is ‘Spider Shock’, which is one of the best crowd-control abilities in the game. If you want to make it even more powerful, upgrade it to Spider Shock: Overload.

The second ability worthy of an ability slot is Spider-Rush. This ability makes you so much quicker than your enemies, and can effectively nullify ranged enemies’ attacks. The Symbiote ability set doesn’t offer anything like this, either. 

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