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The Cult of the Flame is a surprising addition to Spiderman 2 and had its own storyline in which Peter meets up with an old Ally. Here are the 4 missions in this line, where to find them and how to complete them. These Flame missions can only be done by Peter.


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Flame Mission 1 – Where Have you Been?

The first of these Flame Missions can be found in the financial district. You’ll be called over by fire fighter who needs your help looking for some trapped crew members in a building.

You’ll take control of a spiderbot to look for people. Since this is the first time using it, the sequence is pretty well tutorialised. The only thing is you cannot mark people from a distance. You have to go right up to them to mark them. Wander on though and don’t worry about missing anything as there isn’t anything to collect.

Once you’ve saved the four crew members, you’ll need to continue through a server room. The floor is lava, or electrical cables that won’t get along with the spider bot so you’ll need to platform you over to a vent on the other side of the room.

Follow the path until a cutscene where you will need to take out a group of cultists. Once you have defeated the enemies you are treated to a cutscene for it is quest 1 of the flame story complete.

How to find and complete all Flame Missions. Cult of the Flame

Flame Mission 2 – Everything Burns

This mission takes place in the east of Chinatown where you’ll meet Yuri on the rooftop. You’ll be pushed into a stealth section where you can make use of Wraith to perform double take downs. The game is pretty good at telling you when it is safe to go. If you just want to rush through though there isn’t that much of a penalty to getting spotted you just have to use normal combat.

When blocked by the door, scan the wall with the 4 flame designs, after you’ll need to find a body with a Hephaestus tattoo. Check the bodies around the room then bring the right one to the door. In the next room take out the guards and talk to the prisoners.

Clear the next room with either stealth or combat. Once it’s clear, scan the box on the stage to confirm it is the cell controls. You can also read the book in the pedestal if you want a bit more lore before pressing the button.

After pressing the button you will be ambushed, clear the room then fight your way back through the rooms and corridors you came though before. This is a tough fight so expect to be knocked down and take a few attempts.

Once you’ve cleared the enemies it’s mission complete until next time.

Flame Mission 3 – I Knew You Had It In You

As was mentioned in the last mission the third flame mission is in Astoria. When you get there, Yuri would have moved on without you and you’ll need to chase her in. Take out the enemies around the outside and try to do it stealthy.

Head into the building and you eventually find a planning room. Scan the map, a blueprint, and a whiteboard to get all the information. Leave the room and continue through the building. You’ll have plenty of chances to take out most people in the next room stealthy. Make use of the large shelves and shipping containers that you can use your web to move around. Once you’ve cleared the room remove the rubble and continue.

In the final room, you’ll find Yuri but sadly you will have to fight her. Once you have beaten her the first time there will be a second phase a bit later. The second phase is a lot harder. Wraith will be able to confuse your senses when she is in this mode it’s best to just focus on dodging until it you have a good chance to counter.

And with that it’s this mission complete. One more to go.

Flame Mission 4 – It Was Meant For Me

Unlocked after the 26th story quest. The last flame mission is in north-east Williamsburg. When you get to the area the game will cutscene you to a scrap yard where you will need to disarm 3 bombs. It’s faster if you can sneak around but you can just fight your way through also if you prefer. Once the bombs are disarmed, you’ll need to clean up any goons you missed.

It Was Meant For Me Cult Of Flame. Flame Mission

For the next wave of enemies, Warith will turn up and for now be on your side. Once you’ve fought off a couple of waves of bad guys, you’ll need to stop a train. Grab the explosives that Wraith throws at you to stop it and enjoy the cutscene after for the flame story complete.

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