What is the Max Level in Spider-Man 2?

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As you swing through the streets of New York and take out every baddie in your sights, you might be thinking to yourself, what is the max level in Spider-Man 2? This question is worth answering for several reasons. 


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Amazing Trophy Achievement

One of the main reasons why you’d want to know what is the max level in Spider-Man 2 is to help you complete the ‘Amazing’ trophy achievement. The only requirement to unlock this achievement is that you ‘reach max level’. But it doesn’t actually detail what this level is. 

The reward for reaching the max level, and completing ‘Amazing’, is a silver trophy. This is actually pretty underwhelming considering the amount of effort that you need to put in to unlock it. Nevertheless, if you want to 100% complete Spider-Man 2, reaching max level is necessary. 

What is the Max Level in Spider-Man 2?

So, what actually is the max level in Spider-Man 2? Well, at the time of writing, the max level is level 60. This means that once you hit level 60, any additional XP basically becomes irrelevant, as there’s nothing else to progress towards. Hitting this level also means you’ll be able to unlock every suit and gadget in the game.

It’s unlikely that the developers will increase the maximum level in Spider-Man 2 for the time being, at least. 

What is the max level in Spider-Man 2?

How to Reach the Max Level in Spider-man 2

Now we’ve answered the question ‘what is the max level in Spider-Man 2’, you’re probably wondering how to actually reach this level. Luckily, the process for leveling up, and reaching the max level in Spider-Man 2 is very simple, in theory at least. 

As you progress through the game, completing various missions, you will notice that the XP bar at the top of your screen will start to fill up. Each time that XP bar becomes 100% full, you will level up, resetting that bar. Therefore, to reach level max level, all you have to do is keep playing the game, filling up your XP bar over and over until you hit the magic number of 60.

You can see what level you’re currently at by pressing the touchpad on your controller. This will bring up the main menu, and from here, just head over to the XP menu. Here, you’ll be able to see your current level. You’ll also be able to see the amount of XP needed to reach the next level.

Aside from enabling you to unlock the ‘Amazing’ achievement, reaching max level in Spider-Man 2 is actually very worthwhile. Some of the best suits in the game, for instance, can only be unlocked after hitting level 60. Reaching this level will also reward you with the maximum number of skill points available. This will allow you to upgrade your character to your heart’s content. 

Tips for Levelling Up

Although answering the question of what is the max level in Spider-Man 2 is pretty simple, actually getting up to that level is a whole different story.

As such, here are three tips that should make leveling up a little bit easier:

  • Take your Time to Explore. If you go straight from main story mission to main story mission, you’re simply never going to gain enough experience to reach level 60. Instead, take your time to explore every nook and cranny in New York City. Complete Photo Ops, finish the Mysterium questline, and help anyone who needs it. Not only will you have a bunch of fun and unlock some awesome gadgets. But you’ll also progress toward level 60 so much quicker- it’s a win-win!
  • Swing in Style. As you travel through New York City, make sure to perform different tricks. Each trick you perform will net you a tiny amount of XP. And while it may not seem like much, over time, it really adds up, helping you to reach the max level in Spider-Man 2. Plus, you’ll look awesome!
  • Participate in Crime Missions. As you travel through the streets of New York, you’ll be opted to intervene in certain crimes, initiating a crime mission. Crime missions are different from side missions because they are completely random. So it’s important to jump on the opportunity whenever you spot one. Sure, you’ll only earn around 200-550 XP per mission, but over time, that really adds up.
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