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It’s not a sandbox without combat challenges. Mysteriums are illusionary combat challenges in Spiderman 2 that ranks you from gold to bronze depending on how you do. These challenges are unlocked after the Main Mission 13: Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt.

Here are the locations of all 10 Mysteriums and the best ways to get that gold score. If the combat isn’t your forte and you still want that achievement, remember you can take the difficulty down to easy before facing these to give yourself a better chance.


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Where to find the Mysterium locations in Spiderman 2

Mysterium 1 – Under Construction

The first Mysterium location in the east of Harlem. Speak to the woman on the computer to get her to activate the gate. Once you are in interact with the podium to be confronted by Mysterio.

The best way to get gold in this trial is to have Mile’s combat abilities levelled up. You’ll need to defeat all the enemies in under a minute and he has the best multi enemy attacks. In the first phase it’s recommended that you pull yourself to the enemies but in the second that you pull them to you. There are spread out too far in the second phase and you’ll waste time chasing them around. If you find your feet on the ground at any point, boost jump right back up as soon as you can.

Mysterium 2 – Everyone’s A Critic

The next Mysterium location is on the east side of central park. This one will shoot you right into the action as you enter. Like the last one the goal is to beat the enemies. You have 1:45 to aim for Gold this time.

A similar strategy to last time can be used here however the environment is a bit easier to get around and enemies are closer ranged so you don’t have to worry as much about keeping airborne, however it is still a time saving strategy as it’s always faster than walking. Be sure to move out of Mysterio’s attacks as he tries to mess with you through the battle.

Mysterium 3 – Prison Break

The Third Mysterium location is in the South-East corner of the Upper East Side. You’ll have 2:15 to beat for gold.

The strategy to begin with is the same but after the scene shifts the first time the enemies will glow red and you won’t be able to move them with your webs. Keep your eyes up and aim for Mysterio. Attack him and once he’s down you’ll be able to deal with the rest of the goons. This may happen a few times, to help Mysterio always has a big red marker above his head so you can take him out quickly.

Mysterium 4 – The Invisible Enemy

The next Mysterium location is in Midtown. Just north of the centre. You’ll have 2:10 to beat for gold.

For once this one isn’t about beating the enemy it’s about performing finishers. You can do this as Miles or Peater as neither has a particular edge for this one. Take care to evade so you can charge up a finisher as fast as possible.

Some of the enemies in the second phase will also become invisible however this won’t really affect you too much, spider sense will still trigger and Spiderman will auto-target attacks. You can also still see their shadows.

Mysterium 5 – Fight On Time

The fifth Mysterium location is in the North-West of Chinatown. You’ll have 3:30 to beat for Gold.

Like the one before you will need to perform finishers to get to the end of this challenge. The second phase of this one makes you look out for a laser from outside of the arena. Stay aware as it will throw off your finisher charges to get hit by it. There’s a very obvious charge up before it’s fired off so you’ll have a small window to plan.

Mysterium 6 – Fear of Heights

The next Mysterium location is just north-west of the centre of Downtown Brooklyn. You’ll need to beat under 1:30 for Gold.

For this one the goal is to knock 15 enemies off the roof. You best move for this is swinging towards them, it has the best knockback of your arsenal so focus on that. Though a few of Miles’s zaps have an okay long-range knock back if you see an enemy close to the edge.

This particular Mysterium doesn’t have a clear phase two but after a while you will has gas bombs thrown at you from outside. There will be laughing before each throw but even then, they are hard to dodge. It makes this one of the more frustrating challenges so far.

Mysterium 7 – Grave Decision

The Seventh Mysterium location can be found in Williamsburg. This challenge is a bit different. The goal is to not get hit so rather than a time you need to beat you simply need to not get hit at all to get the gold here.

The best way to not get hit is to play on your terms. Spiderman rules the air so boost jump up and pull up enemies one by one, ensuring you aren’t overwhelmed. Round 2 will have some gun enemies to be sure to take extra care to dodge though and focus them down first so you don’t get caught off guard. After the midpoint watch out of Mysterio’s  floating skull. It’s easier to dodge than the gas of last Mysterium at least. You can also grab the skull and throw it back.

Just remember that there is no time limit, unlike the other ones that are frantic you can afford to play this one slow, steady, and safe.

Mysterium 8 – Road Rage

The Eighth Mysterium location is also in Williamsburg, to the West by the bridge. This one again is a don’t get hit so your goal for gold is to not get hit at all but rather than getting through 3 waves this one is to defeat 20 enemies.

Unlike last time there will be gun enemies right away and a rather spread-out amount of goons. Don’t panic though, there is no time limit, play it steady and safe to get that gold. In phase two you will need to dodge cars but they are pretty well signposted when they are coming and if you use your tactic of saying airborne as long as possible then they won’t bother you.

Mysterium 9 – Punch Your Ticket

This Mysterium location is located in Downtown Queens, south-west and requires under 2:00 for gold.

For this one you will need to focus down the large brute enemies. You’ll need to take out 6 in under 2 mins. Keep an eye on the ground for train tracks and be sure to dodge when they rush in.

Mysterium 10 – Grand Finale

The Final Mysterium location does not have a ranking system and is located at the southern end of Downtown Brooklyn.

When you enter, you’ll confront Mysterio in his signature way. Beat as many bad guys as you can and you’ll travel through the trippy realm into a Mysterio boss fight. He’s not too tough but he’s airborne the whole fight. There’s no bringing him down so you’ll need to keep webbing you too him.

The phase two there are many Mysterio’s but don’t worry about picking the right one. As you defeat each Mysterio will take damage. The key is to take them all out one by one.

After the boss fight, you’ll need to punch the wall behind the podium to escape. After that it will be a cutscene to mission complete.

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