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All FNSM Requests – Spiderman 2

One of the best parts of Spiderman 2 and, more specifically, Spiderman, is his connection to the community and the game showcases this through the FNSM Requests. Being a Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman there are 6 requests to respond to in the game.

Here’s where they are and how to complete them.

All 6 FNSM Requests


Mysterium Locations
Marko’s Memory Locations

FNSM Request 1 – Find Grandpa

You will get a request located in east downtown Brooklyn called Find Grandpa. A woman is very worried about her Grandpa and wants you to help track him down.

Find Grandpa FNSM Request

Once you speak to her she will give you a picture of a location from 60 years ago. Swing you way over the road to the south and you will quickly find the location but there will be no old man.

Scan the area and find a note on the on a planter just before the stairs into the area. Once you have read the note Spiderman will call the woman and she’ll point you towards the botanical gardens. Swing your way east and land on the floor compass. Scan the bushes to the left of the building and find Granpa’s inhaler next to a bench.

Next you need to do a bit of substance analysing. Select the atom second to the right at get rid of that side and top second to the left to clear that side. For the second round, destroy the Orange Atom on the right, either of the two orange atoms on the bottom and on of the left.

The last looks pretty complicated but the key is to realise that it highlights what atoms will be destroyed with the chain reaction and you only have to get rid of the red ones, orange don’t matter.

With that in mind, destroy the red on the bottom closest to you.

The red on the right, closest to you.

The highest red on the top.

The Orange above the red on the right.

The Red on the bottom right.

The highest orange just left of the centre.

And finally, the highest orange in the centre.

After that you will be able to follow a blue trail and you’ll eventually find Grandpa by the lake. Sit with him a listen to his stories.

FNSM Request 2 – Rooftop Fireworks

The second request, Rooftop Fireworks is located in Little Odessa. Once you find were the fireworks are coming from the fireworks will explode and one of the men will be hurt. You’ll need to pick him up and swing him to the hospital, north-west of your location. Once your there set him on a stretcher and he’ll tell you where he got his dodgy fireworks.

Swing down east to the location and once you get close there will be a small cutscene. You’ll have a chance to go in and take out the first wave via stealth. Miles is particularly good at this due to his camouflage skill. Once your spotted you’ll be in for a challenging early fight, there will be a lot of enemies and guns.

Once beaten some of the fireworks will light and you’ll need to throw them towards the river.

FNSM Request 3 – Photo Help

This request is located in Midtown. You’ll find a photographer on the roof who needs help being as cool as Peter. You’ll be thrown into a fun flashback where you’ll be riding a bike. There will be a number of obstacles in you way including construction and loose parcels.

Spiderman 2 Photo Help FNSM Request

You’ll pass a mugging on the way and like the good spiderboy you are you’ll stop to stop it. After you beat them up go to the bike and pick up the photo then run like hell until you find the man.

Once your out of the flashback, jump to complete the request.

FNSM Request 4 – Howard

The next request is in the Financial District. Sit yourself next to Howard and angle to camera to focus on what he requests. After you have whistled, swing forward and follow the island to the left. Eventually you’ll head inland and then to the Brooklyn Bridge. Once there follow the jet stream and head north. The game will cutscene you and it will be the end of the mission.

FNSM Request 5 – Graffiti Trouble

You’ll find this request in Little Odessa. Once you have spoken to the shop keeper you’ll end up in a flashback where you play as Mile’s friend. This mission makes full use of the PS4’s controller having you shake it for shaking the paint can and using the L-stick to get it in the right spot.

Once you’ve finished the one by the shop. Head over the wall at the back, take a left and find the second graffiti spot. Once you’ve sprayed that wall, you’ll spot the tagger on a nearby rooftop. To get there you’ll need to go across a wooden beam that will break and climb up. Then follow the cat and knock down the spiderman toy it points to with a rock. Follow the cat through and you’ll be able to pet it.

Hed up the stairs and press the button in the lift on you left. Once it’s taken you down, head out of the lift and back up the stairs. You can now walk over the lift and continue. After the sleeping cat, press a button on your left. It will  move an elevator down. After that, stand on the elevator and throw a rock at the button. Once up you can climb up to the roof and confront the tagger. After a cutscene it will be request complete.

FNSM Request 6 – Monster in Queens

The last request is in Astoria. Once you have spoken to the quest giver head into her garden and start scanning. On the tree you’ll find some scratches to scan, on the floor you’ll find a path out of the garden, and a pile at the end of the garden to scan.

This will open up another substance analyser. To get through this one:

Delete the orange on the bottom right of a square on the left.

Turn the model around to the back and get rid of the orange left of the top red.

And lastly get rid of the left most orange.

Follow the blue path and you’ll lose it at a small river. Head across the river and a find another splatter near a wreaked car to pick up the trail again. Follow the path through the city and find the ‘monster’. Then use your webs on items around to keep it busy. After a while you’ll be dragged by the ‘monster’ through the city and then need to save the ‘monster’ from a few hunters and their mech birds. Check on the ‘monster’ after and watch a cutscene for request complete.

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