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Marko’s Memory Locations – Spiderman 2

Marko’s Memory is one of the many collectibles in Spiderman 2. The locations can be easy to spot as they are surrounded by a giant sand cloud. However if you want to fly through them in the fastest way possible here is a list of these Marko’s Memory locations.

P.S. I recommend playing as Peter to pick up these as he has a history with Marko and leads to more interesting dialogue.


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Marko’s Memory Location 1

The first memory is unlocked during the second main quest. Marko’s memories only show up on the world map after doing this quest.

Marko’s Memory Location 2

The second memory fragment is in the Financial district at one of the most southern points on the map. You’ll find the crystal on ground level right next to the coast. Once there a bunch of sand man enemies will appear. Beat them up to be able to collect the crystal.

Marko’s Memory Location 3

The next memory is also in the financial district. It’s not far from the first but around the east of the district. The Crystal will be on a rooftop this time so keep your eyes up.

Second verse, same as the first, you’ll need to defeat the enemies to get the crystal.

Where to find Marko's Memory in Financial District

Marko’s Memory Location 4

The next one is the most northern point of the financial district on the ground level in a dark alley. Defeat the enemies and get your crystal.

Marko’s Memory Location 5

The fifth location brings us out of the financial district and into west Chinatown. Like the last one it’s on ground level around the back of a building. Once more, defeat the enemies to gain your crystal.

Marko’s Memory Location 6

The next memory in Chinatown is in the north-east, close to the coast. Keep your eyes up when swinging as this one is on a roof. Dance with the sand men and grab the crystal.

Chinatown Marko's Memory Location

Marko’s Memory Location 7

For the Seventh Location we are leaving Chinatown and heading west, close to the coast of Greenwich. You’ll find the crystal in an unused playground and you can have fun while fighting the sandmen by using all the basketballs rolling about as weapons.

Grab the crystal once all are defeated.

Marko’s Memory Location 8

Head north from Greenwich and into Midtown. The memory will be in an alley in the southeast of Midtown. Grab the crystal to cross past the halfway mark of the quest.

Marko’s Memory Location 9

The next Location is still in midtown. Head almost directly east from the last location and find the sand tornado on the roof of one of the skyscrapers.

You know the drill by now. Defeat enemies, grab crystal. Listen to sad story.

Marko’s Memory Location 10

Heading north-west, out of Midtown and into Central Park. You’ll find the crystal next to a pond in the south of the area.

Where to find Marko's Memory location in Midtown

Marko’s memory Location 11

For the next memory you will need to head over the bridge and into the other half of New York, then south to Little Odessa. The crystal will be in the north-west corner of the area on a factory rooftop. Beat the sandmen, take the crystal.

Marko’s Memory Location 12

Heading further south out of Little Odessa and into Williamsburg, keep to the coast and find the crystal near the centre of the area. Keep your eyes up for another rooftop sandstorm.

The Little Odessa Marko Memory location

Marko’s Memory Location 13

Your second to last memory is even further south. Leave Williamsburg and head into Downtown Brooklyn. The crystal will be in the centre of the area. The crystal is on the ground level and has some normal thugs crowded around it, so you will have sandmen and them to deal with. This makes it a rather challenging fight so be careful.

Marko’s Memory 14

Since this is the last crystal and, therefore, is when the plot kicks in, it only appears after you have collected the other three. It will appear in the west of Downtown Brooklyn. There will be a large sandy site and a destroyed building.

You won’t have to defeat anything to get this crystal but once you have taken it, you’ll be taken to another place and need to follow a light. You can use your webs to keep up with it. There are plenty of places to grab onto but not quite enough to fully swing.

Once you are at the end there will be one giant crystal. Throw objects at it to break it open and watch out for the sandmen that will appear to try and stop you. You can ignore them for now and focus on the crystal. The game’s targeting seems hardwired to hit the crystal over the enemies so you don’t have to worry about Spiderman potentially wasting precious ammo. When you’ve destroyed the crystal, the enemies will disappear.

And with that you can grab the last crystal and have all 14 of Marko’s memories.

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