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As you sling, swish, and summersault through the boroughs of Spiderman 2 and New York City, you may be wondering about the different Photo Ops locations. If you don’t know what you’re doing, these can be a real pain to find, but the effort is definitely worth it because as you collect more photo ops, you’ll be rewarded with XP and even unlock an achievement.


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What Are Photo Ops in Spider-Man 2?

Although your main job as Spider-Man is to protect the friendly neighborhood of New York, you’ve also got to balance Peter Parker’s duties, such as collecting photos for the Daily Bugle. The Photo Opps locations are essentially sights you need to travel to to take specific photos of anything from car crashes to Oscorp protests.

To collect a Photo Ops, you just need to get close to the location and you’ll get a prompt to take a photo. Then, all you need to do is head to the camera menu and start snapping!

After you collect every Photo Ops, you will be rewarded with the ‘New York, New York’ achievement, and earn one bronze trophy. You’ll need to unlock this achievement if you want to 100% complete Spider-Man 2. 

photo ops locations Spider-Man 2

All Photo Ops Locations

Here is a list of all the Photo Ops locations in Spider-Man 2, grouped by district/borough.

Little Odessa 

  • High Stakes- You will actually come across this photo ops location during the ‘Show Me New York’ quest. It’s just next to the first waypoint.
  • We’re Here Every Week- Located to the northwest of High Stakes, in the side street with the massive market.
  • The Bodega Beef- Located in the Northern part of Little Odessa. Keep an eye out for two guys dressed as cats.

Brooklyn Photo Ops Locations

  • Now That’s a Bridge- Unsurprisingly, this location is the Brooklyn Bridge! Make sure to take the shot from the North.
  • Beach Party- This Photo Ops location is also pretty easy to find. Just head to the beach and look for a couple of guys sitting around a campfire. 
  • Champion of Champions- While you’re on the beach, head over to the amusement park. You will find a man advertising a food-eating competition. Take a picture of him.


  • Step up to the Plate- Located on the north-eastern Island. You’ll need to take a photo of a family having a picnic.
  • The Masked Challenger- To find this Photo Ops location, head to the coastline and look for the random guy wearing a blue wrestling mask.

Queens Photo Ops Locations

  • We’ll Treat You Like Family- To complete this Photo Ops, you need to take a photo of Jirji’s hummus, which is found on the western coastline.

Central Park Photo Ops Locations

  • The Truth- Located in the northern section of Central Park. You’ll need to photograph the guy with a bunch of signs about aliens.
  • To the Beat- Located at the southern end of Central Park. Look out for a stage with people dancing. 

Financial District

  • It was an Accident- Located at the southernmost spot of the financial district. You should see a taxi driver in an argument with a biker.


  • Audition Piece- Located on the east side of Oscorp Industries. You will see a man waiting for an audition. 
  • We Haven’t Forgotten- Take a photo of the group of protestors at the foot of the stairs on the northern side of Midtown.

Chinatown Photo Ops Locations

  • The Little Taiyaki Cart- This Photo Ops location is just on the coastline. There should be a food stall on the side of the road for you to snap.
  • Check Mate- To find this location, head to the western side of Chinatown and get a picture of the two people playing chess on the park bench.

Other Photo Opps Locations

  • Hidden Oasis- Located in Williamsburg, slap bang in the center of the district.
  • Kinda Fanboys- This is one of the easiest photo ops locations to find because you just need to locate a man on the roof! Head to the Upper West Side to find him.
  • The Roof Court- Located on the Upper East Side, on top of another building. Take a photo of the two people engaged in a tennis match. 
  • The Duel- Head to Hell’s Kitchen and take a photo of the buskers in the main square.
  • The City Game- Head to Harlem and photograph the two guys playing basketball.
  • Telling Time- This is one of the easiest Photo Ops locations to find. Just head to Greenwich and photograph the guy standing on a box in the center of the district.
  • Greenwich Mural- can be found in Greenwich. You’ll need to take a photo of a brick with the word ‘Love’ painted on it.
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