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All Prowler Stash Locations – Spiderman 2

There are many things to collect in Spiderman 2 and one of them are Prowler Stashes. Miles’s uncle is turning over a new leaf and wants your help getting his tech off the street so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, it falls into your hands and said tech happens to be some juicy suit upgrades that will greatly benefit you through the game.

All 8 Prowler Stashes Gameplay


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Prowler Stash 1 – Upper West Side

The first is brought to you as a tutorial for the others in chapter 6 of the main quest Amends. You’ll need to use your scan to find the Prowler code and then use the haptic feedback on the PS5 triggers to press just enough and hold in the right positions to unlock it.

For the second door you will have to get some distance to pull it up. Jump up onto the roof opposite and it will let you pull it open from height. Once in grab the tech from the safe to you right.

Prowler Stash 2 – Midtown

The second Prowler Stash is in Midtown on the north-east coast. On the side of the Braxton building there will be a flag. Scan the Braxton logo on that side to find the code. Once you’ve scanned it, hop onto the flagpole, and pull the logo to the side revealing a vent. Once in the vent, avoid the lasers and web the fan to get through, the safe will be at the end of the vent and luckily rather than having to go back through the lasers, there will also be an easy way out in front of you.

Where to find the Midtown Prowler Stash

Prowler Stash 3 – Hell’s Kitchen

Located in the south-west coast of Hell’s Kitchen, the best way to find the code for this one is to jump on the billboard and scan towards the build’s large air conditioning unit. Pull the pipe down and punch the generator that it reveals. Follow the highlighted power cable, to another generator and repeat the process, fixing any broken pieces of the cable with some quick-fire webs as you go.

Although the cable is on the ground and easy to follow the game will not let you progress until you fix it. Once all the breaks are fixed a door will open and the stash will be on your left.

Prowler Stash 4 – Greenwich

Located in the south-west of Greenwich head to the south-west side of the building and scan north-west to find the code.

Get some higher ground to open the panel, then follow the electrical cables that become visible to activate the needed generators. Once the three generators and good and punched, head back to the door you revealed and grab the stash on your right.

Prowler Stash 5 – Downtown Brooklyn

Located in the north of Downtown Brooklyn, sit yourself on the higher part of the roof and look down to the lower. Scan the pipe you can see sticking out. Pull the pipe up and jump over to the billboard on the other side of the building. Look down to find another door to scan. Get that open to find the stash behind it.

Prowler Stash 6 – Williamsburg

Located in the east of Williamsburg, scan the unit on the right of the lower part of the building. Open it up and it will reveal a wheel. Use your webs to spin it and it will open the unit on you left. Spin that wheel and then use your web to freeze it. This will keep the stash open between the two wheels.

The Williamsburg Prowler Stash

Prowler Stash 7 – Little Odessa

Located in the east of Little Odessa, drop down and scan between two shipping crates. In order to move the crate in your way, spin the wheel at the end of the crane. Then you are free to open the shipping crate and grab the stash.

When you head out though hunters will ambush you.

Prowler Stash 8 – Downtown Queens

In the south-west corner of Downtown Queens, go to the west side of the building and scan an air conditioning unit. Head up onto the antenna close by to pull the unit out of the way then head into the vent. Head around the lasers then pull the lever. You’ll need to double back, dodging the now moving lasers and find the stash as well as an easy way out at the end.

Prowler Stash 9 – Astoria

In the south of Astoria, Head to the lowest part of the building and scan towards the left unit. Inside will be a circuit box, you’ll need to zap 4 of them across the area to get the door open. This is a rather large area but there is pretty much one on each level of the roof to find. Once you have zapped them all, head back down and grab the stash.

Finding the Astoria Prowler Stash

Prowler Stash 10 – Harlem

In the west of Harlem, scan the pipe on the south side of the building. Pull the pipe and head in for the stash but as this is the last one you can bet it’s not that simple.

Swing your way east back to Mile’s house and grab your backpack on the roof. Once inside look around the apartment. Look at the picture in the kitchen, the shelf to the left of the TV then head upstairs.

Enjoy the cutscene and your new tech.

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