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Double-barrelled Shotgun – Alan Wake 2

Just in time for October, the spooky, highly anticipated sequel to the 2010 game Alan Wake has been released. Alan Wake 2 has a few miss able extras to look out for that will help you battle the shadows. One of these is the Double-Barrelled Shotgun.

In Alan Wake II, you play as two main characters, FBI Agent Saga who is investigating a cult in the quiet town of Brightfalls and the titular Alan Wake.


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At the end of the first game, Alan is left trapped in a strange shadowy world after trading himself for his wife. In this shadowy world, Alan is stumbling around, trying to find a way out. Like the last game, light and dark are a main theme (In the literal sense rather than a good and evil sense). Alan quickly discovered that he can use a lamp to change the world around him. This helps, you the player, progress through the game.

To survive, Alan will need all the firepower he can get. Following his Initiation missions will yield to you the flare gun and revolver but it’s best to also find the Double-Barrelled shotgun as well so Alan has his full arsenal.

When can you get the Double-barrelled shotgun?

Both characters get a shotgun. Saga gets a Sawed-off shotgun and Alan gets the double-barrelled. So, the double-barred shotgun is available during Alan’s Initiation missions. Specifically his 5th mission, Room 665, which brings us to the familiar Oceanview Hotel.

Where is the double-barrelled shotgun

Where to find the double-barrelled shotgun in Alan Wake 2

The double-barrelled shotgun can found be just before entering the Oceanview Hotel. You may be eager to enter this building, especially if you played control but curb your excitement and take a right just before the covered entrance.

Keep an eye on your left and you’ll find a outside bar area. Which was probably lovely in the summer…if the shadow world ever had one. Head up to the bar and you’ll see the shotgun behind the grate. To get the bar open, you’ll need to pull out your lamp. The light will flicker and suddenly the bar will look clean and open. More importantly, the door will be open for you to go in.

While your there, look at the price board of drinks above where the shotgun should be. Make a note of the price of the Oceanview Cocktail, you’ll need it to get through an upcoming door puzzle.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice that there is no shotgun. In order to get the double-barrelled shotgun to appear you will need to pull your lamp out again and return the bar to how you found it while inside. After the lights flickers, the shotgun will appear on the counter once it’s gone dark and you’ll be able to pick it up.

Congrats you have a shotgun and will have unlocked the achievement ‘Yippee Ki-yay’

Pull the lamp out once more time and flicker the bar open again to be able to leave and now you can head into the Oceanview Hotel.

Why should you get the shotgun?

Alan only get’s three weapons during the game and the double-barrelled shotgun is one of them. Though it’s hard to miss due to it being in an area you need to go to to solve a puzzle it is possible to just take the puzzle answer and leave. There could be an argument to leave it as it will take up inventory space but this is a survival horror game and being able to use every bullet you pick up is essential. Unused shotgun shells will be taking up some frustrating space if there is no gun to use it.

And it’s a shotgun, a staple of any game with guns. It’s a wonderful tool for when you get surrounded. By helping blast a hole through the mobs to find a way out. With a close powerful close-range blast it’s an ace in the hole against more powerful enemies should your flare gun fail to do the trick or be out of bullets.

And last but certainly not least, it’s a must for the completionist as there is an achievement to finding it called ‘Yippee Ki-yay.’ No trophy collection or 100% run is complete without it.

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