The Great Ace Attorney Adventures / Chronicles – Case 3: The Runaway Room (2/3) Walkthrough

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In our The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which is now part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, walkthrough we will be trying to include all of the correct evidence, including examining potential missable objects and items, advising on what subjects to press on and basically trying to help guide you through the game whilst getting the most out of it

This particular page focuses on the Case 3: The Runaway Room (2/3)

  • MAIN STORY CHAPTER: The Runaway Room
  • PREVIOUS: Case 3 – The Runaway Room (1/3)
  • NEXT: Case 3 – The Runaway Room (3/3)
  • We begin this part with another Witness Testimony, this one covers the Various Misgivings
  • Then, of course, we proceed with our cross-examination
  • We will once again need to press the correct statement in order to learn more
  • The statement that you need to press further will be Statement 5 – Beppo, after all he does seem rather unsure in his statement
  • Whilst we continue to press Beppo for more information, Mr Fairplay will have some form of panic attack and so you will want to switch over and ask him about it
  • Ryunosuke will then be eager to try and get more information out of Mr Fairplay, who claims to either be asking or telling him that he saw the exact moment of the crime
  • Answer with No chance!
  • The witness testimony will then continue…
  • This time you will want to provide evidence to the statement
  • The statement that you will want to investigate is Statement 6 – Fairplay
  • The evidence that you want to provide is the Defendant’s Leather Gloves
  • Mr Fairplay will be determined that it was both hands and Ryunosuke will be feeling rather unsure of this latest statement
  • For this you will want to reply with I have evidence (Option 2)
  • Here examine the Debtor’s Ledger in order to see the name Bruce Fairplay
  • Then provide the Debtor’s Ledger as new evidence
  • Witness Testimony – What the Witness Really Saw will now begin, followed then by the cross-examination
  • Press for more information on Statement 5 – Anyway, the fact remains! There can’t have been anyone else inside that carriage, or we all would have seen!
  • Respond with the They might not have been able to (Option 2)
  • We will now get a diagram of the omnibus that was used, our task is to find any possible areas that might of provided a limited view
  • The correct area are the seats to the bottom right
  • We will now come to the conclusion that someone else must of been inside the omnibus, but who?
  • Choose the I have an inkling (Option 1)
  • Followed then by Magnus McGilded (48)
  • Since Mr McGilded is the actual defendant here, the Court will ask if Ryunosuke will want to bring him to the stand or not.
  • Choose the Demand his testimony (Option 1)
  • This will end this section of the guide


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