The Great Ace Attorney Adventures / Chronicles – Case 3: The Runaway Room (3/3) Walkthrough

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In our The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which is now part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, walkthrough we will be trying to include all of the correct evidence, including examining potential missable objects and items, advising on what subjects to press on and basically trying to help guide you through the game whilst getting the most out of it

This particular page focuses on the Case 3: The Runaway Room (3/3)

  • MAIN STORY CHAPTER: The Runaway Room
  • PREVIOUS: Case 3 – The Runaway Room (2/3)
  • NEXT: Case 4 – The Clouded Kokoro (1/5)
  • We begin this section with Mr McGilded now on the stand
  • After a somewhat lengthy bit of dialogue it will now be time for the cross-examination for the young girl
  • Basically here you will need to press for more information on all of the 5 statements
  • Here we will learn that the carriage has a secret compartment and that is where this young girl was found hiding.
  • We will also learn that this girl is actually known as Gina Lestrade and that she is a basic thief. Yes, nothing like the iconic character although lets be fair she is also of the opposite gender too
  • We will then have to listen to Gina’s testimony on what she saw during the incident
  • Just as things are about to turn in our favor, Van Zieks will butt in and we will be asked of what we thought of the under-seat compartment.
  • The answer to this does not matter, so choose whichever dialogue option you want.
  • After yet more dialogue, the cross-examination with Gina Lestrade will begin..
  • Just like when you cross-examined McGilded you will need to press for information on all 5 statements once again
  • After going through the various statements, Susato will feel like something doesn’t quite lineup with what Gina is saying. We will now need to go through her statements once again.
  • The statement you want is Statement 3 – I’ll tell ya, you can’t see a blind thing in that hidin’ place. It’s pitch in there. Here press for more information
  • This time McGilded will laugh at Gina’s statement. Question McGilded about this
  • We will then be questioned about Gina’s statement, choose the It’s profoundly important (Option 2)
  • This time press for more information on Statement 4 – I was strainin’ me ears to work out wot was goin’ on, but all I could ‘ear was snorin’
  • Answer the next question with the following answer; It doesn’t add up (Option 2)
  • The court will inevitably want to know why we think that Gina’s statement does not add up, reply to this with Show a person (Option 2)
  • Choose ‘Thrice-Fired’ Mason (54) as your proof and evidence
  • Our next task is to try and explain how the victim ended up inside the carriage and to determine if Gina’s statement is true or not
  • Answer this with the following option; There’s another entrance (Option 2)
  • We now need to work out where this other entrance actually is..
  • This other entrance is on the rooftop. The skylight
  • Ryunosuke will now suggest that the victim actually fell through the skylight. Van Zieks will deny this but McGilded will be tempted to agree with Ryunosuke. Perhaps this was the case but the other witnesses were unable to mention this for some reason.
  • The witness testimony – Refuting the Accusation will now begin..
  • Here you will want to press the witness on Statement 3 – In any case, neither of us know the first thing about the victim. We had no reason to kill the man!
  • As the cross-examination continues McGilded will then begin to laugh once again, question him about it
  • Then continue to study the statements and then choose to press for more information on Statement 4 – The skylight was shut the entire time, I tell you! We couldn’t possibly have opened it!
  • This time Gina will interrupt the proceedings, so go and ask her about it
  • Gina will mention that the skylight can be opened rather easily, just not from the inside.
  • Select Statement 5 – If you’re so sure the victim fell through the skylight, where’s your proof?
  • Here examine the Omnibus in order to provide the proof we are looking for. First inspect the door so we can head inside the carriage
  • Then once inside, look up towards the skylight. Click on it to open it, then here you should notice the red substance along the window frame. This is the proof you want
  • Being a stubborn individual, Van Zieks will insist that the blood isn’t part of the crime. Basically it did not exist and cannot be used as evidence.
  • This will then lead us to answer a question, did someone tamper with the omnibus during the trial?
  • The answer to this question is It could have been possible (Option 2). I mean there was an incident earlier if you remember, so it is possible
  • After some more discussion and an unhappy defendant complains about our last decision, we will now need to figure out if there is anything else unusual regarding the Omnibus
  • Answer this with I have an inkling (Option 2)
  • Here select the red substance on the floor of the carriage
  • When it comes to determining if the defendant is guilty or not, the choice here does not matter. I have tried selecting both of these options and they all lead to the same conclusion. So basically go with whichever you feel, it doesn’t matter.
  • After the court has determined that the defendant, Mr. McGilded, is not guilty we will return back to the Old Bailey.


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