(TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You – Find The Key To The Target (Week 2 Day 5) Mission Puzzle Guide

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As you continue through the world of (TWEWY) Neo: The World Ends With You, you will inevitably end up reaching Week 2 Day 5.

It is here where Rindo will find himself being trapped inside a room, locked and unable to free himself, it is now up to his team mates to help get him out again

In order to do so you will need to solve a bunch of riddles, including a game of spot the difference.

Anyway below is a simple guide for each location…

  • DAY: Week 2 Day 5
  • LOCATION: Tower Records
  • HINT: On the back of the 10-numbered one
  • GUIDE:
  • Our first visit is over at Tower Records, so lets head there
  • Fret will then get the hint for finding the key to this area
  • The hint for this one is; On the back of the 10-numbered one
  • Hmm, so I guess we are looking for something with numbers on it.
  • So lets look at the picture and scan for anything with a set of numbers on it.
  • The answer to this one, of course, is the red phone box. As its a phone and phones have numbers on it
  • Another way to look at it, for some, is that red phone boxes are usually a British thing and is known for being in British shows such as Doctor Who. Granted that one is blue but it is still a phone box. Also, one can think of the city of London since it is the capital of England. 10 Downing Street is an iconic location within London, so here we have the number 10 once again. As said before, only some people may think like this. As I am British this thought instantly stuck me, so this puzzle was a relatively easy one in the end.
  • Anyway the first key we will get for completing this one is the letter A
  • LOCATION: Scramble Crossing
  • HINT: The key shimmers on the back of liberation’s harbinger
  • GUIDE:
  • Heading to Scramble Crossing we will get our next hint which is They key shimmers on the back of liberation’s harbinger. We will also get a photo of a young woman
  • Yes, it is time to play a game of Where’s Wally, though obviously with a different character
  • So we are looking for a young woman who wears a brown coloured skirt and an orange hat.
  • There is quite a few people here too, so this may take some time..
  • However, you can actually find her towards the back of the area. Near the shop
  • Unfortunately before we can reach her and locate the next letter, you will be attacked by a bunch of Noise
  • Take care of the Noise’y’ problem and we can continue..
  • The woman will now run off to Hachiko and you will receive 5,000 Yen for completing everything so far
  • We are not done here yet though as we still need to locate the next letter
  • So its time for another episode of Where’s Wally!
  • This time you can find her standing rather close to where your pointer begins.
  • She is once again at the back, this time near a tree.
  • We will now get the next key, which is the letter E
  • The easiest way to spot her, for me at least, was to look out for the hat. Once you spot the hat you can then try matching the rest of her to see if you have the correct person or not
  • LOCATION: Expressway Underpass
  • HINT: Discern five truths where the image becomes real
  • GUIDE:
  • Okay onto our third key hunt, this time we find ourselves in the Expressway Underpass
  • Our clue this time is Discern five truths where the image becomes real.
  • For this one we will receive a picture of the area, meaning we will now have two photos of the area. One that is a still photograph and one that is meant to represent what the team can actually see, the real one so to speak
  • As Nagi says this one is a game of spot the difference
  • There will be a total of 5 differences to find and point out
  1. The section under the large television wall screen
  2. The graffiti on the road
  3. The traffic lights
  4. The ‘extra large’ road markers or stop line by the set of 3 cars
  5. The road markers on the right. They appear to be more narrow on the static picture
  • The key that we will get for this one is the letter R
  • LOCATION: Tipsy Tose Hall
  • HINT: From East to West, from Southwest to North, from Northwest to Southeast. When three lenses align, one will reveal your guide
  • GUIDE:
  • Ah, the location with a rather odd name, Tipsy Tose Hall. This though, is thankfully our last location for the keys.
  • The hint we get this time is From East to West, from Southwest to North, from Northwest to Southeast. When three lenses align, one will reveal your guide. Which seems to be a rather confusing one. However, as Rindo points out this time we will be playing with cameras!
  • So what we know so far is that each of the team will get to peer through a camera, and these cameras are meant to show something that is out of the ordinary hmm..
  • Okay you can now spend some time looking through the various cameras, in order to find something that only appears on one of them.
  • However, the answer to this one is hiding in the Eastern Camera (Fret’s Camera)
  • Here, to the left, there will be a spooky looking girl dressed in black. This is what, or rather who, you are looking for.
  • Our final key will be the letter P
  • HINT: Swim up the Onden River from the Shibuya River, then float down the Udagawa River and Shibuya River
  • GUIDE:
  • After doing all of that, we will now be given our final riddle puzzle before we can free poor Rindo.
  • This time Rindo will be the one to solve it, through our help of course!
  • Our final task is to solve a puzzle involving rivers and using the letters we just unlocked
  • When I first tried to solve this one using the hint, I actually came up with a rather unexpected word that I shall not be mentioning here ha! Lets just say it was not very pleasant.
  • So yes, I found this one to be rather confusing. Trying to follow the rivers and working out which letters solved the riddle.
  • The answer to this one may actually surprise you. However, if you turn your attention more to the letters and forget the rivers for now. You will notice that they actually spell out a rather familiar word.
  • The answer you are looking for is REAPER
  • I told you the answer may surprise you, and that it is a word you should be all too familiar with by now.
  • Anyway with that Rindo will now be free and you can move on with the game..


  • Head to O-East
  • Find the key hidden near TOWER RECORDS
  • Find the key hidden near Scramble Crossing
  • Find the key hidden in the Expressway Underpass
  • Find the key hidden at Tipsy Tose Hall
  • Solve the puzzle to break me free


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